How does Active Hydration Serum boost Regimen performance?

Active Hydration Serum boosts Regimen performance in two ways: 1) by amplifying the Regimen benefits, and 2) by adding benefits above and beyond what each Regimen provides.

1. Amplification of Regimen Benefits: Hydrated skin not only looks healthier, but is also primed to more readily accept ingredients from products that are layered on top.

2. Additional Benefits: When used with your R+F Regimen, you will experience additional skin benefits beyond what your Regimen provides as well as smoother, softer and more radiant-looking skin. When Active Hydration Serum was added to each R+F Regimen, participants in an 8-week clinical study experienced the following results:

  • REDEFINE users had the anti-aging benefits of the Regimen plus increased radiance and improved texture
  • REVERSE users had even-looking skin with a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • UNBLEMISH users had clearer skin with a balanced complexion and fewer oily and dry patches
  • SOOTHE users had skin that was not only calmer but also visibly firmer with fewer fine lines