How does SOOTHE Regimen work?

The SOOTHE Regimen has been carefully formulated with ingredients specifically designed for sensitive skin. SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash emulsifies makeup and other skin impurities. SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment contains the OTCs Allantoin and dimethicone that alleviate minor cuts, burns, and peeling associated with dryness. And RFp3, our proprietary peptide technology that combines peptides with a protease inhibitor to neutralize triggers and pacify irritable skin. Optical filters help reduce the appearance of redness and botanicals comfort dry skin. SOOTHE Moisture Replenishing Cream utilizes unique patent-pending RF COLD FISSION™ to keep ingredients together in an elegant base without the use of emulsifiers. SOOTHE Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 uses only physical sunscreens (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) to deflect damaging ultraviolet rays and keep the surface of the skin cool to help prevent flushing.

Please read the U.S. SOOTHE Regimen brochure or Canada SOOTHE Regimen brochure before using the SOOTHE Regimen. It contains usage instructions for best results.