NEW UNBLEMISH – Should I use the UNBLEMISH Regimen in the morning or the evening?

  • The UNBLEMISH Regimen was designed to be used twice a day to address acne and visible signs of aging.
  • Initially we prefer that the UNBLEMISH Regimen be used in the morning so that you can observe your skin during the day for product compatibility purposes. If you notice dryness, we recommend applying a moisturizer. If you discover any red areas or irritation, we recommend rinsing off the products and applying a gentle moisturizer.
  • Follow the directions to use the UNBLEMISH products every other morning, then ramp up usage as directed in the brochure.
  • When breakouts are under control you may add either REDEFINE or REVERSE (US Brightening) Regimen.
  • However, if breakouts flare up, return to using the UNBLEMISH twice daily as directed until skin is clear then return to using the other Regimen in the evening.
  • Avoid contact with hair and dyed fabrics, which may be bleached by these products containing Benzoyl Peroxide.