What makes the SPOTLESS Regimen different from other anti-acne products?

As a point of company principle, we do not compare our products to competitors in any way (in marketing, testing, etc.). That said, we wouldn’t have launched SPOTLESS without being different! We pride ourselves on launching game-changing innovation in the marketplace. The Spotless Regimen was designed to specifically target teen and young-adult acne in 2 fast-acting steps.

  • Multi-Med Therapy: Our Acne Regimens build on our Multi-Med Therapy approach (right combination of ingredients, in the right formulations, applied in the right order) to provide complete Acne solutions. Our products are clinically tested and demonstrated to work together to treat and help prevent future breakouts from forming.
  • Exclusive Technology: Our Acne Regimens utilize exclusive technologies and formulas. With SPOTLESS we uncovered a new way to deliver maximum Benzoyl Peroxide and Oxygen evenly across the skins surface, deep into pores to increase efficacy for teen and young adult skin. Our proprietary BPO2 Technology dissolves and evenly disperses Benzoyl Peroxide to deliver more of this acne-fighting ingredient and oxygen into pores. The result? More effective acne treatment and prevention, starting Day 1.
  • Revolutionary Formulations: It is not just ingredients, but formulations that determine product efficacy. The right formulation can dramatically improve ingredient performance and impact results.  We are focused on ensuring our formulas maximize efficacy and provide the real results you expect from R+F.