If your pores are clogged, enlarged or stretched due to buildup or if you have stubborn blackheads, we have your answer. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields developed the Pore Cleansing MD System for most everyone concerned with their pores; specifically this System is designed for:

  • Oily or combination skin types
  • Skin experiencing excess oil production due to hormonal changes/stressors
  • Skin experiencing slowdown of skin cell renewal and buildup of dead skin cells

Do not use if you have thin, fragile, sensitive skin or skin that is prone to broken capillaries or bruising. Also avoid use on acne lesions such as whiteheads or inflamed pimples.

The Doctors created this System as an alternative to painful extractions with metal dermatological tools, topical products that don’t clean deep enough and strips that only touch the surface. They also know that squeezing and pressing on clogged pores and blackheads with fingers often pushes contents deeper into the pore leading to inflammation, acne pimples and/or scarring.

With the Pore Cleansing MD System, you can experience professional-level deep pore cleansing to remove clogged pores and stubborn blackheads in the comfort of your own home. The perfect combination of the exfoliation combined with precise suction and pressure removes excess oil, dead skin cells, debris and blackheads instantly with minimal discomfort or redness.