Can I multi-mask with REDEFINE Daily Clay Cleanser?

Yes, multi-masking entails using more than one face mask at the same time on different parts of the face. The idea behind multi-masking is that instead of applying one face mask over the entirety of your face, you apply multiple face masks depending on your skincare concerns. For multi-masking, Apply REDEFINE Rejuvenation Mask on your cheeks. Massage a generous layer on clean dry skin.  Allow to dry for approximately 5 minutes without touching, until mask is foamy.  Use REDEFINE Daily Clay Cleanser on T-Zone. Apply 3-8 minutes after other mask and wait 2 minutes. Rinse both masks thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.

If you are having breakouts, use UNBLEMISH Clarifying Mask in the T-Zone to help reduce oil, unclog pores and remove impurities from the skin.  Massage a generous layer of mask on clean, dry skin.  Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water, pat dry.  You may want to consider REVERSE Radiance Mask or SOOTHE Rescue Mask for dullness or redness secondary concerns.