Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields invite you to join them on their mission of changing skin and changing lives. With their legacy of success, our patent-pending solution for treating aging skin and our proven business system, you can start immediately to build your business and the potential for your own legacy of success.

Getting started is simple:

  • Click "Enroll Now" and complete the Consultant Application.
  • Purchase a Business Kit* OR the Business Portfolio.
  • Review your Getting Started Checklist outlining everything you need to get your business off to a fast start.

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To help you learn best practices and business building skills, we encourage you to visit the Getting Started site. This website features videos, helpful links and key resources for new Consultants. You can access the site directly from Pulse or by visiting www.rodanandfields.com/getstarted and sign in using your Pulse login credentials. 

* The purchase of a $45.00 Business Portfolio is all that is required to start your Rodan + Fields business. This purchase is optional in North Dakota.