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For the past 30 years I have owned several businesses, a travel agency, an advertising agency and for the past 15, I have been a successful real estate developer.  We were specializing in commercial and residential developments.  I always thought hard work would translate into success and ultimately financial freedom.  When the bottom fell out of the real estate industry, my years of hard work didn’t pay off, nor did it allow me to maintain my lifestyle.  I needed to find a way to supplement the income I had lost.

My friend Debi Granite called me about the business.  The more I learned about Rodan + Fields, the more evident it became that this was a business model where my efforts today would reward me now and for years to come.   I was ecstatic at that possibility.

Since joining Rodan + Fields, I enjoyed immediate success due to the exceptional training and corporate support we receive. The Integrated Business System we employ to build our organization is easy to incorporate and teach to others.  Our business web site is a virtual office assistant allowing us to automatically stay on top of every aspect of our business and organization.

In less than four months, in very part time hours, I became a Level V leader, earned over $13,000 in bonuses and was recognized as a “Rising Star” in the company.   I didn’t realize until I joined Rodan + Fields how much I needed a change in my work environment.  The encouragement and support from corporate and the leaders in the field translates into the most amazing business in which I have ever been involved.  The business tools, bonuses and new products that were introduced at our inaugural convention have propelled my team into the next phase of developing their business.

My leadership team is expanding across the nation every day.  It is so gratifying to be able to train, mentor and help everyone who has joined me in this journey, to realize their leadership potential and achieve their dreams.  Together, we get to experience the many ways in which this business is not just changing skin, but changing lives.    I can’t wait to see what the future holds.    

Amy Smith
LV Executive Consultant
Brentwood, TN

Gabriel Sedlak