"This past year has been extremely stressful for me. A new line seemed to appear on my face just about every week. I was very distraught and alarmed every time I looked in the mirror. Just a few weeks after I started using REDEFINE, I noticed MY SKIN LOOKED BRIGHTER, CLEARER, SILKY SMOOTH AND HAD A HEALTHY TONE TO IT. My family and friends noticed it right away and told me how great my face was looking. The amazing part is that after about two months some of the lines were no longer noticeable. And since then the lines around my eyes, mouth and forehead keep looking smoother and softer. Really!"

"Not only was my skin sagging into jowls, but I was developing deep creases around my mouth that were aging my appearance far more than the crow's-feet had ever done. So, I started using the REDEFINE Regimen. Ten days later, the results were stunning! Where my cheek had looked like it was starting to collapse, it looked like it was filled in and had lifted dramatically. THE DEEP CREASES APPEARED GREATLY IMPROVED AND MY SKIN TONE WAS CONSIDERABLY SMOOTHER."

"Until I reached my early 40s I did not have trouble with my skin. But after several years of neglect caused by being a mother of two very young children, I started noticing wrinkles, especially around my eyes. I started trying products, including department store and drug store brands, and nothing really worked. A friend introduced me to REDEFINE. I AM SIMPLY AMAZED AT THE RESULTS!"

"I used to use whatever skincare came in the amenities kits on airlines—or what I found in duty-free sites in the airports. And, despite the fact my father suffered from melanoma twice, I rarely used sunscreen. Then I had moles removed from my face. It left scars, but I was too busy to take notice even then. Menopause was taking its toll on my skin and I couldn't ignore it any longer. Just at the right time, REDEFINE entered the scene. I NOTICED A DIFFERENCE WITHIN A WEEK."

Premature wrinkles are a sad side effect of my family genes. I have had noticeable, deep-set wrinkles in my forehead since my 20s. I began using the Rodan + Fields® REDEFINE Regimen and within three weeks, the wrinkles on my forehead were much less visible. I FEEL LIKE I LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER! I'm ecstatic and not as fearful about aging now."

"When I started using the Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Regimen, I noticed a difference in my skin right away. It felt cleaner and smoother and looked more even. After a few months my skin appears even toned, all the redness appears to be gone and my pores look smaller. The best part is, I no longer have to spend so much time and energy trying to cover up my skin BECAUSE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I ACTUALLY LIKE HOW I LOOK! Thank you, Rodan + Fields."

“Two weeks after I started using AMP MD™ a fellow teacher stopped me in the hall and said, 'Your face has a glow. Your skin looks different. I want to have a glow like you you!' This was great for me to hear since I'm 20 years older than her! Another teacher walked up and said, 'You look different around your eyes ... You look a lot better ... not that you looked bad before!' My business took off when I started using AMP MD, simply because my friends could see a difference in my skin. My skin is much firmer, especially around the eyes, and I have a glowing complexion that everyone notices."
Norma W.

“On day 11 of using the Rodan + Fields AMP MD System, I had three people tell me that I look like I'm 29 or 30. Since I'm 40, that's pretty incredible!"
Romi Neustadt

“Yesterday was my fifth day of using the AMP MD System. I woke up and was pretty sure I saw a difference in the size of my pores and old acne scarring. To be sure I got my face into my magnifying mirror (no lying there ... only brutal honesty!). I found that not only did my pores appear smaller, but my old acne scars were not as deep.
I am ecstatic with the results. The best part is that later that evening I had an appointment with my dermatologist for something unrelated to my face. He looked at my face and said: 'Whatever you're doing to your skin it looks amazing. This is the best I've ever seen it look. Whatever you're doing, keep it up!'"
Kris Fairless

“I love the AMP MD! Nothing has ever changed my skin like this product, it is absolutely amazing! The bags under my eyes are visibly disappearing. Really! Thank you Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields for this amazing tool!!!"
Donna Tisdale

Disclaimer: Personal testimonials reflect individual experiences of Rodan + Fields Consultants. Results from the use of Rodan + Fields products may vary depending upon the individual and Rodan + Fields makes no guarantee as to the results that you may you experience.