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R+F Virtual


Gain access to 50+ hours of virtual content including the event of the year: R+F Convention 2017, for only $89.00 USD. Don’t miss out on any of the R+F Virtual action. Plus, you can check out R+F Convention 2016 on-demand, browse our #RFVirtual Learning Series for business-building tips and tricks, and tune in to special programs like our exciting Active Hydration Serum launch event—all from the comfort of your home.

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R+F Convention 2018


This September, Rodan + Fields is heading down south to New Orleans for the ultimate Rodan + Fields experience … R+F Convention 2018! During this action-packed weekend, you'll learn directly from industry-leading experts and hear the latest Rodan + Fields announcements and innovations. Plus, connect with a vibrant, expanding network of dedicated social CEOs just like you, and start conversations that can transform your future and elevate your R+F Journey.

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Group of R+F Consultants at a business presentation.


Business Presentations


Join us for a Rodan + Fields Business Presentation to discover how you can be part of Life-Changing Skincare™ and help others redefine their skin and their futures.

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Group of R+F Consultants at a business learning event.


Business Redefined Learning Events


These learning events are designed to help Independent Consultants take their Rodan + Fields businesses to the next level by developing fundamental business behaviours known to help drive growth. Learn to effectively share the Rodan + Fields brand, build a strong business foundation and find your R+F voice, all in a fun and engaging environment.

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R+F Consultant presenting products to customers.


Consultant-Led Events


Join us for a Rodan + Fields Consultant-led event in your area to discover how you can create your own R+F journey and redefine your future with Life-Changing Skincare™.

Consultant-Led Event Calendar

We estimate that in Canada the typical plan participant will earn between CAD$ 1,700 and CAD$ 2,000 per year. For information regarding earnings under the Rodan + Fields Compensation Plan, see the Income Disclosure Statement.