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Build a Business. Join a Community. Make a Difference.

Build a Business. Join a Community. Make a Difference.

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What are the advantages of becoming an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields?

If you want the best-looking skin of your life, connections to inspiring people, personal development, a flexible schedule and your own business in the billion-dollar skincare industry, R+F may be the opportunity for you. As R+F develops more innovations and expands globally, you can be a part of our future growth by becoming an Independent Consultant.

How can I become an R+F Independent Consultant?

You can enroll through another Consultant’s Personal Website or through the Enrollment page on our website. All you need to become an R+F Independent Consultant is the Rodan + Fields Business Starter Pack! This Business Starter Pack empowers you to jumpstart your R+F Journey with business-building tools and samples of our top-selling products designed to help you introduce the R+F brand to prospective Customers and team members and set your business up for success.

What is PULSE Basic? PULSE Pro? And what’s the free trial?

PULSE is your back-office business management tool. It empowers you to conduct business – anytime, anywhere, from any device. All Consultants have free access to PULSE Basic. For the monthly price of $24.95, plus applicable taxes, you have the option of subscribing to PULSE Pro, which includes tools to help accelerate the growth of your business and drive engagement with prospective Consultants, Customers and current team members. PULSE Pro gives you free shipping on orders of 100 Sales Volume (SV) or more, a Personal Website (PWS) to act as your online store, the Solution Tool skincare quiz, full access to R+F Virtual for training and video content and advanced reporting.

All new Consultants will receive a free one-month trial to PULSE Pro once enrolled as a Consultant; no action required during enrollment. You may choose to subscribe to PULSE Pro at any time during or after the free trial. If you do not subscribe to PULSE Pro during enrollment, you will still receive the free one-month trial* but you will need to subscribe to PULSE Pro before your trial period has expired in order to maintain your access, activity history and information.

For more information regarding PULSE Pro and PULSE Basic, check out the PULSE Terms and Conditions or this comparison chart.

​​​​​​​*For enrollments between the 20th and last day of the month, PULSE Pro free trials will end on the 20th of the following month

What is CRP?

CRP stands for Consultant Replenishment Program. When you become a Consultant, you have the option to participate in CRP, a monthly subscription that simplifies the process of ordering your favorite R+F products. Enrolling in CRP means you will receive regular monthly shipments of your chosen products at your doorstep and your credit card will be automatically charged each time. You can easily cancel or edit your CRP order anytime.

What is VIP Box?

The R+F Very Important Product (VIP) Box is a customizable order of product for new Consultants only to ensure they get the products best suited for them and their skin at over 45% off retail price! This optional offer is available for 60 days after enrollment.

How do I learn more about the R+F Community?

Our Independent Consultants are an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurial individuals who all share a love for the Rodan + Fields products and opportunity. There are events all year long from Learning Events to Consultant-led Events to our annual Convention where you can connect with other inspiring and passionate people. Check out some of our Rodan + Fields Community Events.

What if I have an account management question?
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