What are your suggestions for getting started with my Rodan + Fields Regimen?

For best results with your Rodan + Fields Regimen we recommend these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Solution Tool: Developed by Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields and based on how they work with their own patients, the Solution Tool offers users a customized skincare routine designed to address your specific skincare needs.
  2. Say Cheese: While you wait for your Regimen to arrive, take a baseline picture. Changes in skin occur gradually and the best way to track your progress is with regular before and after pictures.
  3. Read the Regimen Brochure: Before you get started, read the Regimen brochure. This contains important information on how to begin using the products for best results.
  4. Track and Share your Progress: Take progressive pictures at least every 30 days and share your results with us. If your testimonial is selected for publication you will receive a free Regimen of choice.