How does Active Hydration Serum work to continuously add hydration if you layer a moisturizer on top of it?

Active Hydration System contains our proprietary 3D3P Molecular Matrix, which is a three dimensional platform infused with a potent combination of humectants—Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid—two of the best water binding ingredients on the market. These water magnets within the 3D3P structure maximize performance by adhering to skin for continuous hydration, while also allowing other products applied on top to absorb through the serum. Since traditional creams and lotions are not completely occlusive (e.g. a seal over the skin), water can still be drawn from the atmosphere to this permeable and flexible 3D3P structure. Thus, helping to create a water reservoir that sits on the skin and hydrating it as needed.

Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid are commonly formulated humectants which can be found in many good hydrators on the market. However, applying hydrators with humectants is not enough for delivering and maintaining a good level of hydration when skin is dry. Even good hydrators loaded with humectants have a hard time of delivering and keeping water on the skin’s surface. Traditional moisturizers can be limited in delivering hydration to a dry skin surface, since they are formulated to keep moisture in skin but do not add significant hydration to skin. However, when skin is dry, hydration must first be replenished before a moisturizing product is applied. Active Hydration Serum has been carefully formulated to permeate (e.g. intermingle) well with R+F moisturizing products and sunscreens. It can attract water even when a moisturizer or sunscreen is applied on top, and those same products can still benefit the skin due to the unique permeability of Active Hydration Serum and its 3D3P Molecular Matrix. Active Hydration is a smart hydrator that works to maintain the highest possible level of hydration under even the most extreme conditions.