My skin is sensitive, but I am concerned about aging skin. Can I use the REDEFINE AMP MD System?

The AMP MD Derma-Roller is not recommended for use on very sensitive skin. Sensitive skin, by definition, has a compromised barrier and needs to be strengthened with the OTC skin protectant ingredients Dimethicone and Allantoin, as found in SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment.

However, after using the SOOTHE Regimen for two to four weeks, you can patch test Intensive Renewing Serum after using the SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment (Step 2) as part of your evening Regimen. Begin using it twice a week and increase to every night as tolerated. A broad-spectrum sunscreen is the most important weapon in your anti-aging arsenal. SOOTHE Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 is optimally formulated to protect sensitive skin from accelerated aging due to the sun.