Can I use REDEFINE AMP MD System with REVERSE Regimen?

Yes, REDEFINE AMP MD System has been clinically tested with our REVERSE Regimen to amp up the brightening results while also improving the appearance of lines, wrinkles and skin firmness. For best results, follow these steps at least three nights per week, ramping up to every night.

  1. In the evening, remove makeup with a non-oily makeup-removing cloth. Cleanse with REVERSE Deep Exfoliating Wash and follow with REVERSE Intensive Brightening Toner.
  2. Divide face into sections (forehead, right side, left side, chin, nose and neck) and with moderate and comfortable pressure, roll the AMP MD Derma-Roller over each section 4-10 times, changing directions with each pass: vertically, horizontally, in a diagonal from upper left to lower right, and in a diagonal from upper right to lower left.
  3. After rolling, apply contents of one REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum capsule to entire face and neck and follow with REVERSE Dual Active Brightening Complex.