Can I use SPOTLESS if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, if your skin is sensitive all of the time and breaks out a little or frequently, we recommend that you use the SOOTHE Regimen and follow the directions to patch test prior to a full face application of the products.

To address breakouts, we recommend substituting the SPOTLESS Daily Acne Wash for the SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash in the morning 1-2 times a week increasing to every morning as tolerated if needed to manage your breakouts.

Patch test a small area of skin using the following directions:

  • Apply a small amount of the product on your jawline or neck. If you’re testing a cleanser, apply it for 30 seconds and then rinse it off.
  • When testing multiple products, apply each product on a separate area. When you test again, reapply each product in the same area as originally applied.
  • Watch for any signs of redness, dryness, irritation or swelling.
  • Repeat three times a day for three days.

If you are concerned about potential sensitivity, you should review the ingredient list with your doctor before using. If you’ve determined you are sensitive, discontinue use. You may want to consider consulting your doctor for further testing to determine whether your skin may be sensitive to certain ingredients so that you may avoid using products containing that ingredient in the future.