How does the Spotless Regimen work?

The Spotless Regimen is specifically designed for teens and young adults to fight acne and manage oil. This Multi-Med Therapy Regimen treats acne and prevents new blemishes from forming starting day 1. Our patent-pending breakthrough BPO2 Technology achieves maximum efficacy with minimal irritation. It delivers more oxygen and Benzoyl Peroxide to the pores, killing acne bacteria and preventing new blemishes from forming.

  • Step 1: The Daily Acne Wash is a gentle exfoliating cleanser with Benzoyl Peroxide that penetrates pores to eliminate acne before it starts.
  • Step 2: The Acne Clearing Treatment contains a unique dual-chamber system to deliver breakthrough patent-pending BPO2 Technology to the pores. It reduces the number and severity of breakouts.