What is the BPO2 technology in SPOTLESS?

Oxygen and Benzoyl Peroxide are acne bacteria’s worst nightmare — when it’s actually able to make its way into the pores. The problem with traditional acne-fighting products is that Benzoyl Peroxide is distributed unevenly across skin’s surface, limiting its effectiveness. Unlike these traditional products, our proprietary BPO2 Technology dissolves and evenly disperses Benzoyl Peroxide to deliver more of this acne-fighting ingredient and oxygen into pores. The result? An effective acne treatment and prevention, starting Day 1.

Each pore in your skin is its own microbiome or environment with natural bacteria that keeps skin in balance. When hormonal changes cause teen skin to produce a thick sticky oil, it clogs up pores, blocking oxygens way in. Starved for oxygen, the once healthy bacteria in the pore, becomes angry. Bacteria multiplies causing an inflammatory response that results in the unwelcome acne on a teen’s face. Rodan + Fields created the first ever, super oxygenated, liquid Benzoyl Peroxide, proprietary BPO2 technology. First, Benzoyl Peroxide and exfoliators in our cleanser work powerfully on the skin’s surface, punching holes in the oily coating of a clogged pore.

Then our new liquid BPO2 technology penetrates the pore, delivering a highly effective acne fighting medicine and more oxygen. The result – the microbiome is restored back to its healthy balanced state.