When used as directed on skin that is not sensitive, fragile or prone to bruises, broken capillaries or excessive dryness, the Pore Cleansing MD System should not bruise skin or leave lasting marks. However, the Pore Cleansing Tool is a powerful suction-based device and therefore may result in minor bruises or dark “hickey” marks on skin if used on sensitive skin, skin is overworked or Tool is used incorrectly.

To avoid overworking skin:

  • Always start on lowest suction setting doing only one pass across any given area. As tolerated, ramp up to higher suction and up to only 3 passes in any given area
  • When using the Pore Cleansing Tip, use continuous gliding motions not holding or lingering in any one area. Roll and tilt the Tip to break suction and remove from skin; do not lift directly off skin
  • When using the Blackhead Removal Tip, do not hold to skin for more than 3 seconds or exceed 3 attempts on any one blackhead in a single use
  • Test and practice the correct motions on the inner forearm before using on face  Use enough Pore Prep Solution to fully saturate the gauze pad and cover skin. Use Tool only on area with Pore Prep Solution and use while Solution is still wet