The Pore Cleansing MD System is a US patent-pending customizable System with a prep solution, handheld tool with two precision tips and two suction levels. This mechanical tool was designed to clean deeper into pores to instantly remove clogged pores and blackheads.

The benefits of the Pore Cleansing MD System were once only available by appointment in Dr. Katie Rodan’s and Dr. Kathy Fields’ offices but they have developed a next generation System to deliver the same benefits right to your home. The Doctors created this System as an alternative to painful extractions with metal dermatological tools, topical products that don’t clean deep enough and strips that only touch the surface. They also know that squeezing and pressing on clogged pores and blackheads with fingers often pushes contents deeper into the pore leading to inflammation, acne pimples and/or scarring.

Using ProClear Tip Technology, the tool and two kinds of precision tips apply a precise amount of suction and downward pressure for dermatologist-quality pore extraction. These tips are singleuse so they are incredibly hygienic and don’t require cleaning, making the tool easy to demo and use. In addition, the unique filtration system of the tool also allows for use of the Pore Prep Solution to optimize glide and extraction without damage to the tool.