Both SPOTLESS and UNBLEMISH are powered by Rodan + Fields proprietary Multi-Med Therapy, full face approach to effectively combat the entire acne cycle (treating existing clogged pores, managing excessive sebum, blemishes and acne flare-ups, while preventing new ones from forming in the future).

However, the age and condition of skin affects how the Doctors approach the treatment of acne.   Teen and young adult skin tends to be oilier, have clustered breakouts in the T-zone and is more tolerant of stronger delivery of acne medications, such as Benzoyl Peroxide. Adult skin tends to be less resilient and more sensitive with age and in need of gentler approaches to treating acne.  The skin is dryer, and breakouts present on the chin and possibly cheek area often as painful bumps. Adults who suffer from acne are also battling other aging concerns (including slower skin cell turnover, compromised moisture barrier, reduction in collagen and elastin) all of which lead to skin being less resilient and more sensitive.

The SPOTLESS Regimen is specifically designed for teens and young adults to fight acne and reduce oil. It is only 2 steps – a cleanser and a treatment – meaning it’s easy to use. This MultiMed Therapy Regimen addresses acne and prevents new blemishes from forming starting day 1. Our proprietary breakthrough BPO2 Technology achieves maximum efficacy with minimal irritation. It delivers more oxygen and Benzoyl Peroxide to the pores, killing acne bacteria and preventing new blemishes from forming. Just 2 steps in 2 minutes for clear skin.

The UNBLEMISH Regimen is a Multi-Med Therapy Regimen specifically designed to gently and effectively clear adult acne, prevent new blemishes from forming and improve visible signs of aging. The result is clearer, healthier, more youthful-looking skin.