Do I need to use REDEFINE regimen if I am using the REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum?

We understand that everyone becomes concerned about using the right products to address the signs of aging – lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and sagging. Dermatologists know that it takes more than just one ingredient or product to address all signs of aging. That’s why we created Multi-Med Therapy – using the right ingredients in the right formulations in the right order. You benefit from each product that you use morning and night, daily – consistency is key.

Our REDEFINE Regimen is specifically formulated to do just that – from the cleanser to the very last product! The REDEFINE Regimen hits all three of these concerns from all angles. Using pores as an example: There are two issues here – the first is that dead cells clog them + make them appear larger. The second is that there is a loss of elasticity as we age that makes pores look ‘flopped open’ or bigger. We address these issues with Kaolin Clay in REDEFINE Daily Clay Cleanser to clear + with gentle fruit acids in REDEFINE Pore Refining Toner to further exfoliate and deposit ingredients that address that ‘flopped open’ look. Additionally, our day moisturizers not only reduce the look of lines, wrinkles and help visibly firm, they also provide UV protection, which is crucial to prevent sun damage that directly results in signs of aging. At night, our night moisturizers contain R+F’s exclusive Peptide Technology that works with Retinol Science and botanical extracts to continuously visibly lift, firm and sculpt the facial contour while providing moisture.

Adding REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum boosts your overall results by adding a concentrated skin revitalizing complex that combines proprietary, clinical strength Retinal-MD Technology and exclusive Peptide Technology to support skin’s natural renewing processes to promote and maintain youthful, healthy-looking skin. Retinal MD is time-released as you sleep to be tough on wrinkles but gentle on your skin! In combination, each of these REDEFINE Regimen products and Intensive Renewing Serum provides real visible results, an improvement in visible firmness and the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles, tone, texture, pores, sagginess and loss of facial contour.