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How to Soothe Your Skin Within Minutes

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Dealing with irritated skin? Whether you’re experiencing irritation on your face or body, the right remedies can help you soothe your skin—fast. Here’s a guide on getting quick relief.  

Identify the cause of the irritation (if possible)  

First, you want to assess what’s causing the irritation to the best of your ability. Some quick questions to ask yourself:  

Have you been in the sun?  

Did you have a reaction to a fragrance, skincare product or perhaps even a food that’s taken a toll on your skin?  

Are you using a new laundry detergent?  

Are you wearing a certain fabric or material? 

We suggest seeking medical advice whenever you’re experiencing irritated skin. There’s many more potential causes of irritation that may surprise you. 

Is your skin sensitive? These are some of the skin issues that you may deal with if you have sensitive skin:  

  • Your skin easily gets irritated.  
  • You have redness that doesn’t go away after several hours or even days.  
  • You endure dryness and itchiness regularly.  
  • Your skin easily gets sunburnt.  
  • Your skin is prone to inflammation.  

Keep in mind that your skin is itchier and/or more irritated at night.  

There are two reasons for this. One is that your skin has its own circadian rhythm, which is a 24-hour cycle that’s  part of the body’s internal clock. Think of it as an operating system: It runs in the background to carry out essential functions and processes. At night, your skin is able to reallocate its resources from battling environmental aggressors to repairing and regenerating itself. 

Another reason for nighttime skin irritation is that you may be sleeping close to an air conditioning or central heating unit. Being too close to air conditioning or central heating at night can also contribute to overall skin dryness and itchiness. If your bedroom allows, position your bed as far away from these heating and cooling appliances as possible.  

Take some time for self-care. 

You may want to indulge in a bath and take a little extra time for a hydrating mask. Power off your phone and computer for the night and enjoy reading a chapter of a good book or watch an episode or two of that Netflix series you love.  

Don’t skip your nighttime skincare routine.  

When your skin is irritated, you want to pamper your skin with calming, soothing fragrance-free formulas. Give yourself time for a relaxing morning and evening skincare routine. When it comes to irritated skin, less is more. You want to eliminate any possible irritants, so stick with a consistent regimen that works well for your skin and avoid any unnecessary steps. Avoid overdoing it and stripping the skin, disrupting your acid mantle, a natural protective layer on the skin. Protect your acid mantle – the natural, thin layer of film on the surface of the skin – and use products that support it.  

Look for ingredients that are recommended by dermatologists that are used in over-the-counter products designed for dry skin, skin redness and sensitive and irritated skin treatment. These ingredients include allantoin, colloidal oatmeal, bisabolol and ceramides. These skincare products should be tested specifically for sensitive skin. In the clinical studies for our Soothe Regimen, 78% of subjects with eczema agreed they had less bothersome itchiness. The subjects also realized that the Regimen calms down dry, irritated and itchy skin for better sleep*.   

The Rodan + Fields Soothe Regimen is designed for irritated skin.  

Rodan + Fields’ Soothe Regimen is ideal for irritated skin. This 4-step routine calms dry, itchy skin so those with skin sensitivity can enjoy a better sleep. The regimen even works well for those who are dealing with eczema and atopic dermatitis.  

Powered by our unique Multi-Med Therapy approach, Soothe uses the right ingredients that are formulated to work together, and be layered on the skin in the right order to soothe skin woes.  

This routine helps to calm, rescue and refresh skin from suffering from the effects caused by sensitivity round the clock. The full 4-step line-up includes a Calming Gel CleanserSensitive Skin TreatmentMoisturizing Rescue Cream and Daily Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30

The Soothe Regimen’s clinical results speak for themselves.  

Results After 4 Weeks: 

  • 76% had less visible blotchiness   

Results After 8 Weeks:  

  • 30% better on visible redness 
  • 4X better at evening skin tone/blotchiness appearance 
  • 100% had less visible dryness 
  • 94% had smoother skin  
  • Calms dry, itchy skin for better sleep 
  • Strengthens skin’s barrier 
  • 78% of subjects with eczema agreed they had less bothersome itchiness  
  • 82% noticed more even-looking skin texture 
  • 79% noticed skin feels balanced and less sensitive 
  • 71% agreed skin looks calmer and more relaxed 

*Based on an 8-week U.S. clinical and consumer study. Results may vary depending on multiple factors: age, gender, skin type and condition, concomitant products used, health history, location, lifestyle, and diet.