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Rodan + Fields Multi-Med Therapy Approach

Our Founders discuss the magic behind what makes R+F skin care work.

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields

Hello! Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, here. We’re the co-founders and Dermatologists behind Rodan + Fields. For nearly two decades, our company’s mission has been singular: to give all people the best skin of their lives and the confidence that comes with it.

Our passion for skincare and helping people experience life-changing results from our products is at the core of everything we do. People often ask us, how we got started and what makes our company and products different from other brands. So, here goes….

The History of R+F

First, a little history about our beginnings. We met as residents in dermatology at Stanford University where we trained from 1984-1987, a friendship that grew after initially bonding over fashion. Upon finishing our dermatology residency at Stanford, as newly “hatched” dermatologists, we each joined private practices in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Perhaps you’re wondering how we made the leap from treating patients to inventing products. It emerged based on countless conversations with our patients, where, much to our surprise, we learned what low expectations they had when it came to seeing results from their skincare routines! They were buying products based on the latest marketing hype. And while the products may have smelled lovely and had a nice “skin feel,” the results weren’t there to justify the time and money they spent. Purchased as “hope in a jar,” these products became one more addition to the ever-growing product graveyard accumulating in their bathroom drawers. With our expertise as dermatologists, we knew we could do better.

Acne = The #1 Skin Concern

Soon after opening the doors of our practices, we discovered that acne was the number one skin concern among our patients. No wonder—acne affects 90% of teens and 50% of adult women. By the way, if you never suffered breakouts, count yourself among the lucky few! Having each suffered with acne ourselves, we understood the stigma it causes and the huge toll it takes on a person’s confidence and self-esteem. We created a complete paradigm shift in the treatment of acne. Instead of spot treating a pimple after the fact with harsh medication, we incorporated low dose, over-the-counter medications into each step of an aesthetically pleasing skincare regimen-cleanse, tone and moisture. This approach was radically different from all the other available products and prescriptions our patients had tried.

Within months of launching our Proactiv system on Infomercials, it became a worldwide blockbuster because it worked. It both healed and prevented acne to a degree that consumers never expected from a TV purchase.

Taking a Multi-Med Therapy Approach, Rodan + Fields is born

After learning that the vast majority of people self-treat their skin problems because access to dermatologists is limited (at the time there was one derm for every 30+ thousand Americans) we felt compelled to create more products to treat other skin challenges beyond acne. Our mantra became “Derm to Doorstep” a way in which we could deliver professional level results to everyone.

In 2003 we started a new company, Rodan + Fields with products to address a broad range of skin concerns based on the success we had with our revolutionary approach to acne. We got busy, creating different skincare systems designed to address problems ranging from the fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging to dullness and discoloration caused by sun exposure to sensitive skin and adult acne. Over the last two years, we have also added two new Regimens that are formulated specifically with teen acne and young adult skin in mind.

Because the origin of all skin conditions, like acne, is complicated, we understood that neither a “miracle molecule” nor spot treatment product could adequately attack the underlying causation of a skin issue. Born from this knowledge, we crafted a unique point of difference – our Multi-Med Therapy approach.

Multi-Med Therapy is at the heart of all of our Regimens. Multi-Med Therapy combines over-the-counter drug and cosmetic ingredients as the basis of elegantly formulated products that deliver powerful results. Seeing how well a “combination therapy” approach worked in acne, we knew that our holistic Multi-Med Therapy concept would also be effective for other common skin conditions, like hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, and skin aging. Based on our patient relationships, we saw how each one of these issues takes a toll on a person’s confidence. This compelled us to get to work, creating specific skincare systems, which we refer to as Regimens, to give people everything they would need to achieve the best skin of their lives.

Creating Skin Care Products Based on Clinical Results

As women who appreciate aesthetically pleasing products, as dermatologists for over 30 years, and as experienced product developers with a track record of formulating award-winning products, we have always seen ourselves as uniquely positioned to take a radically different approach to skincare. Beyond making products that simply feel good and smell nice, our goal has been to give people much more, namely, the products and tools they would need to visibly transform the quality of their skin. To achieve performance driven, dramatic results, required formulating products based on skin science. To this end we compiled a team of R&D experts who incorporate cutting edge technology and academic research as part of the product innovation process.

Because we can’t personally consult with all Rodan + Fields’ customers, we designed our Solution Tool to help people determine their most pressing skin issue and match them up with the correct Rodan + Fields Multi-Med Therapy skincare regimen to meet their specific needs. Each regimen contains the right ingredients, in the right formulations, used in the right order, with every step building on the last, to help a person achieve life-changing results. Using Regimens, designed with Multi-Med Therapy at the heart, we are able to provide superior results. With products numbered in the order they are to be used, our regimens remove the guesswork, making them quick and easy to use. A skincare routine comprised of products culled from multiple brands may not produce the results people are hoping from. Cherry picking products might cancel some active ingredients out or reduce the effectiveness of products. This is why we designed our Regimens as easy to use systems. Within a regimen, every product is clinically tested alone and in combination to ensure safety and efficacy.

To prove the difference our products can make, we ask all our customers to take their before and 8 week after photos. And, because we stand behind our promise, wanting every customer to be delighted with their results, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

Innovation with a Purpose

To cut through all the skincare noise, we believe it’s vital that we don’t innovate just to bring newness. At Rodan + Fields, we innovate when there is a skincare need that we can help with, when we can impact someone’s life for the better.

We Remain True to Our Mission

We’re thrilled to say that our mission is as relevant today as it was nearly two decades ago when we started. Giving people the best skin of their lives has always been our priority when developing new products. It’s still our primary goal. Making a difference in people’s lives is our purpose. Multi-Med Therapy is skincare science you can see. Are you ready for the best skin of your life?