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5 Skincare Myths Debunked by Dr. Katie Rodan + Dr. Kathy Fields

Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields sporting white lab coats

Skincare advice is everywhere, but not everything you hear or read is true. Rodan + Fields Founders Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are here to put skincare myths to rest once and for all. Here are a few of the Doctors’ favorites — or should we say least favorites, since they’re not true!

Skincare Myth #1: Drink eight glasses of water a day to prevent dry skin.

The Doctors say: Only severe dehydration will cause your skin to dry out. In general, the outside humidity, not the amount of water you consume, determines how dry your skin is. And drinking excessive amounts of water can flush essential vitamins and electrolytes out of your bloodstream. How do you know if you need water? Trust your body’s natural signal: thirst.

Skincare Myth #2: Facial exercises “lift” your skin and prevent wrinkles

The Doctors say: Repetitive face exercises are more likely to accentuate wrinkles than erase them. There are 44 muscles in your face, and when these muscles contract and relax, your skin moves with them. So the more you make the same facial movements, the deeper your lines will become.   

Skincare Myth #3: Cleansing skin in hot water opens pores.

The Doctors say: Hot water will not open your pores. (In fact, nothing will — pores don’t open and close like little mouths!) Hot water will dilate blood vessels, though, making your face redder. Lukewarm water is just the right temperature for washing your face. 

Skincare Myth #4: Some people are born with freckles.

The Doctors say: No one is born with freckles. All freckles are the result of sun damage. Just compare the inside and outside of your forearm, or check out the underside of your chin or your derriere. Since these areas are rarely exposed to the sun, they are the best examples of the undamaged skin you were born with. (A black light will also show you your sun damage — we mean freckles.) Our Reverse Brightening Regimen can help with the dullness that sun damage causes.

Skincare Myth #5: Sun exposure clears up acne.

The Doctors say: A tan may mask the redness of a breakout temporarily and may, in fact, dry out a pimple a bit faster. But remember, there is no such thing as a “healthy tan.” Over time, sun exposure causes breakouts, it doesn’t clear them. With every tan, cell turnover increases, building up more dead skin cells, which block pores, causing acne. Acne-prone skin needs to be managed by a consistent Regimen, such as SPOTLESS for teens and young adults or UNBLEMISH for adults.

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