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How to Stop Hair Breakage

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Hair breakage can be an annoying, and even devastating issue to deal with. If you’ve ever wondered how to stop hair breakage, you’re not alone—and by understanding hair breakage causes, hair breakage at the crown, and more, you can start working toward the right treatment options for you.  

Luckily, hair does grow back in most cases, so if you’re struggling with hair loss, take comfort in the fact that there’s quite a bit you can do. But first, let’s break down the basics of hair breakage and hair loss, from how styling impacts it to how to be kinder to your hair.  

What Is Hair Breakage? 

According to Paul Labrecque, hair stylist and colorist, hair breakage occurs “when hair is brought to its final moment of elasticity.” 

Labrecque explains that this can be done by chemicals such as bleach, relaxers and perms, and from heat from hair dryers and hot tools. “Breakage can also be the result of daily wear and tear from bad brushing, too, or from dread-locking with extensions and/or just general poor care when wearing extensions.” 

Types of Hair Damage 

There are a few different types of hair damage. These include color over-processing, or leaving color on for too long and using a color that’s too harsh for fine hair. They also include perming or relaxers that work too aggressively and ultimately cause damage, sun and chlorine destruction, poor extension care, hair pulling by bad brushing, or pulling that’s self-inflicted.” 

What Causes Hair Breakage? 

Hair breakage has a handful of different causes. These include: 

Vitamin deficiencies  

If you’re deficient in vitamins like zinc, iron, and folic acid, and inadequate amounts of antioxidants and protein. You can remedy this by taking a multivitamin or improving your diet. 

Not using a towel correctly 

Most of us give our hair a little rub with our towel after getting out of the shower in the name of drying it more quickly, but this might not be the best idea because it can damage your hair. Instead, try blotting it.  


While there’s a strong link between stress and hair loss (alopecia is thought to be a result of stress), stress can also lead to hair breakage.  

Dry hair 

Dry hair can be related to hair breakage, whether it’s a result of the weather, not using enough conditioner or heat damage.  

And as mentioned above, relaxers, sun, poor extension hair, brushing too aggressively, or self-inflicted pulling can all cause hair breakage.  

What Illnesses Cause Hair Breakage? 

There are illnesses that are correlated with hair damage, according to Labrecque. These include:  

Autoimmune diseases  

The condition most famous for causing hair breakage and loss is alopecia, which happens when the immune system attacks hair follicles. Lupus, Hashimoto’s, Graves Disease, Chron’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Psoriasis can all cause hair loss and breakage as well. 

Thyroid issues 

Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can both be responsible for hair loss, but the treatment of these thyroid conditions can help with hair regrowth. 


Cancer, specifically the chemotherapy used to treat cancer, is another common cause of hair loss.  

Heart Disease  

Some medications used in treating heart disease can cause hair breakage including anticoagulants like heparin, warfarin, and more.  

How to Prevent Hair Breakage 

Vitamins are an excellent way to prevent hair breakage, according to Labrecque. Zinc, iron, B12, and folic acid are also proven to help keep hair healthy and strong, according to research.   Rodan + Fields 3-part Smooth+ Regimen also helps improve scalp health while replenishing + repairing dry, damaged strands.

How to Stop Hair Breakage 

If you really want to stop hair breakage—and yes, hair can grow back!—Labrecque’s top piece of advice is to be kinder to your hair.  “Use less chemicals, less heat styling, and do less pulling,” he suggests. “Ash silver is a very damaging hue in itself because all yellow pigment must be removed for this to color take and last through more than two shampoos.” 

He adds that people should know that pictures of perfect silver hair like this can be filtered. “Go with extensions and hairpieces if you’re after an ash silver, what you see online is not going to be what you get.”  

As frustrating as hair breakage can be, there’s a lot you can do about it—so if you’re dealing with it, try not to worry too much and start taking action now.