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Hair Talk: Get to Know VOLUME+

Hair Talk with Rodan + Fields

Amplifying Your Tresses with Rodan + Fields, Episode 2

With Host Jennifer Stading, and guest Courtney Cuberly.

Jennifer: Hello Rodan + Fields!! My name is Jennifer Stading. I am a Product Education Manager. Welcome to our second episode in our new hair podcast. This episode we are continuing the hair conversation by sharing everything you need to know about VOLUME+ Regimen. I invited our resident hair expert, Courtney Cuberly back to our podcast. Courtney is the Senior Manager of Product Marketing. She worked on the new haircare products right from the start and is a great source of knowledge. Welcome back, Courtney!

Courtney: Hey Jennifer, so excited to be back on the R+F podcast with you.

Jennifer: Happy to have you back! Let’s dive right in, in our last episode we focused on one of haircare regimens, SMOOTH+. If you missed that episode, go back and listen. There is a lot of great information and tips you can use when sharing these products with potential and new customers. This episode, we want to focus on the second regimen in our haircare portfolio, VOLUME+. Courtney, what do we need to know about VOLUME+?

Courtney: The VOLUME+ Regimen addresses concerns such as thin, flat hair with damage or breakage that is lacking fullness and volume. This regimen is really for those who want lush volume and thickness!

Like our Smooth+ Regimen that we talked about last month (I hope everyone listening checked that out), it is a 3-step regimen and includes the VOLUME+ Shampoo, VOLUME+ Conditioner, and Densifying+ Treatment. And again, it is really designed to boost thickness, repair damage and minimize hair fall due to breakage for fuller, denser, more voluminous-looking hair instantly and over time.

Jennifer: I have thin, flat hair so I know why I need VOLUME+. Share with us why consumers might need this regimen.

Courtney: Absolutely, VOLUME+ gets to the root of thin, flat hair. So it is perfect for those who are unhappy with the amount of volume they are seeing in their hair, due to many factors like: genetics, age, hormones or post pregnancy, damage due to over processing or heat styling, etc. there are many reasons why you might have thinner hair, OR your hair might be great, but you still want more Volume, right.

I am a Volume+ Regimen user (and fanatic) it has absolutely changed my hair for the best. Why, because the derm-designed Volume+ Regimen promotes a healthy scalp by replenishing essential nutrients to support healthier, stronger, fuller, more beautiful and more voluminous-looking hair, instantly and over time. Without getting too sciency, I do want to call out a couple of the key ingredients in the regimen, because our advanced ingredients are one of the reasons why our regimens are so revolutionary. First I want to talk about Acetyle Glutamine that plumps the hair shaft for fuller-looking hair and then second, Bio Ceramide Molecules that add volume and fullness while leaving the hair smooth and flexible (because you don’t want full, rigid hair… you want full, flowy hair).

Jennifer: Definitely be thinking of those people in your network who may have these hair concerns. This could be the regimen they are looking for! I have used VOLUME+ and my favorite product in this regimen is the Densifying+ Treatment. What can you tell us about it?

Courtney: Oh yes, the Densifying+ Treatment is fantastic. I love it because it is lightweight, fast-absorbing and doesn’t leave any kind of stickiness or residue so you can use it every day to replenish + nourish to maintain a healthy scalp, plus it repairs and prevents damage for hair that looks fuller, thicker and healthier. And, last but definitely not least, it provides color protection through 32 washes.

Jennifer: Ok, so how should people apply the Densifying+ Treatment?

Courtney: The Densifying+ Treatment can be used with both the Volume+ and Smooth+ regimens. For all the Smooth+ users out there, this treatment is for you too, ok! To apply the treatment you will spray directly on the scalp in sections. What I do is part down the middle first, and do a slow spray while moving my hand from my forehead to the back of my head. Then I move down my right or left side doing the same thing, parting and spraying front to back. Then do the other side, parting and spraying from front to back. Then, I take a moment and gently massage it all in, really taking time to enjoy that moment of relaxation. And then for me personally because my hair gets dry on the ends… if I am using it on damp hair after the shower, I apply the Defrizz+ Oil Treatment, mid-shafts to ends to lock-in moisture, add shine, and provide some nice silky slip before I comb my hair out and either air dry (using our Define+ Curl Cream) or heat style. But either way, once you massage the product in, you want to brush through to continue to disperse at the root.

Jennifer: Although I have used our Volume+ Regimen, I am a regular user of Smooth+. Since my hair tends to be flat, I could definitely use some added volume. Tell me Courtney, do you have any other hot tips for using the Densifying+ Treatment?

Courtney: For sure, I have a couple for you. First, remember to use the Densifying+ Treatment in-between wash days on dry hair as well. It works as a nice subtle root boost and because it is so lightweight you can use it on dry hair to get that instant and long-term volume you are looking for.

And then for a second tip, and this will be relevant to you for sure, living in Arizona and of course for myself in California as the days are already starting to get HOT. What I do is actually keep my Densifying+ treatment in the fridge so it is nice and cool, and then apply at night to not only replenish + nourish my scalp as I sleep but also add a nice boost of coolness after a hot day. As a busy mom I try and take little self-enjoyment moments like this where and when I can.

Ok, now for a third tip…. Which is more like a reminder really… always remember to apply the product to your hairline around your face where you tend to see breakage, recession and baby hairs. Sometimes people miss this area, but it is important to apply here as well.

Jennifer: Simple enough! What other talking points about Volume+ can you share that Consultants can use when telling people about this Regimen?

Courtney: You’ve heard us talk about it before, but personal testimonies are the best! People want to hear and see results from you. They know and trust you. Plus, when you are a product of the product, you can authentically share your results with others. Don’t be afraid to layer in some clinical results while talking haircare.

Here are some of my favorite clinical results for the Volume+ Regimen: First off, in instrumental analysis, the regimen provided 3X more volume after only 1 use, plus, 100% of people in an 8-week U.S. clinical and consumer study said they had more voluminous hair after 4 weeks of use. 100%! This is huge! That means everyone who participated saw a change. And in that same study, 96% said they had fuller, thicker-looking hair after 8-weeks. Pair those with your results and you have a great product story to share with others.

Jennifer: I would agree, Courtney. That would make for a pretty powerful product story. As a consumer, I would be intrigued to learn more about these products. We have more clinical study results you can share in the Product Launch Guide located in the Product Education tile in the RF Library. Before we close our time together today, what tips do you have when sharing the Volume+ regimen with new people.

Courtney: Let your hair do the talking! Use the R+F products and keep your hair looking its best. When someone compliments you, that is an open door to share your secret – R+F haircare. Do the same for others. See a cute cut or fun color? Give a compliment. Then share how you have products that could help keep their hair looking healthier, stronger, more beautiful and all around fabulous! Then share your Solution Tool link, send them samples and follow up.

Jennifer: Compliments are a great way to start a conversation with someone you don’t know. The Solution Tool will do the heavy lifting for you by giving recommendations based on their answers. Follow up to review recommendations and enrollment options. You might just find yourself with a new Consultant or PC! Not ready to make a purchase, follow the Smart Sampling Guide also located in the RF Library.

Courtney: We have so many great tools and resources located in the RF Library that can be found in our brand-new hair education tile, check them out. The new hair education tile makes it easy and fun to learn more about our technology, our regimens and styling treatments and includes how-to videos featuring our very own celebrity hairstylist partner Bridget Brager. Watch these short educational and how-to videos and test your knowledge with our new haircare quizzes and find the product launch guide, FAQs and so much more.

Jennifer: Yes, Courtney! So much great information can be found in there. If you are looking for more hair education to help build your confidence when sharing these products or you just want to take a look at the resources available, head over to the RF Library. That’s all we have for you today. Thank you again Courtney for joining us this month. It was a pleasure having you!

Courtney: Oh my gosh, thank you so much for having me! Its always so much fun talking R+F haircare with you.

Jennifer: Thank you to all our listeners for tuning in to learn more about the Volume+ Regimen. Until next time, enjoy Making R+F yours and sharing it with others!