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Hair Talk: Rodan + Fields Styling Treatments

Hair Talk with Rodan + Fields

Amplifying Your Tresses with Rodan + Fields, Episode 4

With Host Jennifer Stading, and guest Courtney Cuberly.

Jennifer: Hello everyone and welcome to Hair Talk with Rodan + Fields. My name is Jennifer Stading, and I am a Product Education Manager with R+F. We are excited to have you join us. If you missed our last episode, you will want to go back and listen as we had celebrity hairstylist, Bridget Brager with us.

Today, we are going to take a deep dive into our styling treatments: Define+ Curl Cream and Refresh+ Dry Shampoo. To help us, we brought back Courtney Cuberly, our Sr. Manager of Brand Product Marketing. We love Courtney as she is “our go-to hair connoisseur”. Welcome, Courtney!

Courtney: Hey Jennifer, happy to be here. Thank you for having me.

Jennifer: Thank you so much for being here. Okay, let’s dive right in, Courtney, what can you tell us about Define+ Curl Cream?

Courtney: The Define+ Curl Cream is an all-in-one styling treatment that smooths, hydrates, and defrizzes without weighing down waves and curls, for soft, shiny, healthy-looking curl definition. BUT, it can also be used on straighter hair types that want to add some beachy definition and waves to their hair to get that fabulous undone / messy-yet-chic texture that is so popular.

This styling treatment addresses hair concerns such as curl enhancing and frizz for those with a little more texture in their hair, plus dryness, damage, split ends, and breakage that, lets face it, almost everybody has concerns about. I know I do.

I have a couple fun claims I’d like to throw at you:

  1. Based on a 2-week U.S. clinical and consumer study, over 90% said curls felt more bouncy, softer, with enhanced natural curl shape after just one use and 97% love their curls and are excited to wear their hair curly after using for 2 weeks*
  2. And Second, it protects hair from frizz for 72 hours.

I also gotta say, I love the fragrance of Define+ Curl Cream. It has a beautiful subtle coconut scent that is pleasant + elegant.

Jennifer: I too love the scent of this product. How do we use Define+ Curl Cream?

Courtney: Great question! After washing and conditioning with either Volume+ or Smooth+, dry your hair (preferably with a micro-fiber towel to help prevent frizz + damage to your hair cuticles). Then you will want to apply the cream in sections (no matter if you have straight or wavy hair), and scrunch your ends up to your roots… working all the way around your head. That scrunching motion is important to get a nice curl definition. Then you can use a diffuser or simply let your hair air dry, whichever you prefer. You can also use this on dry hair to refresh and redefine curls.

Jennifer: So Courtney, you mentioned that this product, although called the “Define+ Curl Cream”, it can be used on straight hair as well as curly hair. I love that because I am not a curly girl and have used this product and loved it! I also like pairing it with the Defrizz+ Oil Treatment from our Smooth+ Regimen.

Courtney: That’s totally right. This product is really good for ALL hair types, straight, wavy or curly and everyone should be using it because of all the fantastic benefits it has.

Also, you are right-on about layering it with the Defrizz+ Oil Treatment. All of our Treatments and Styling Treatments were formulated so that they could be layered together. And I especially love to pair the Defrizz+ Oil Treatment with everything to add a healthy-looking shine, smooth-out any frizz and flyaways, lock-in hydration, and help protect my hair.

Jennifer: Love it! Okay, let’s move on to our other styling treatment and fan favorite…the Refresh+ Dry Shampoo. What can you tell us about it?

Courtney: Oh my gosh, what can’t I say about this phenomenal product Jennifer. It truly is a fan favorite and one of my favorites as well. If you haven’t tried it, you will want to get your hands on this product right away! It should really be in everyone’s bathrooms no matter your hair type, texture or length. I even recommend for men to freshen up their hair between wash days and add volume.

So lets dive right in. The Refresh+ Dry Shampoo is a lightweight, dry shampoo that balances the scalp and absorbs excess oil, sweat, and odor for revived and refreshed hair between washes.

One of the added benefits to this product is volume and who doesn’t love more volume in their hair, right? Based on an instrumental analysis after 1 use of Refresh+ Dry Shampoo, people said they experienced over 230% more volume! That is a lot. Plus, 100% said their hair looked less oily after 2 weeks.

Jennifer: That is amazing! I have noticed my hair is definitely more voluminous looking after using Refresh+ Dry Shampoo. I have also noticed that is doesn’t leave a residue. It just feels and looks refreshed.

Courtney: Great point which leads me to my next clinical result where 91% said the product didn’t leave a bothersome visible white residue.

Jennifer: That is huge! Tell us more. How do we use the Refresh+ Dry Shampoo?

Courtney: To use, you will want to shake the can a couple times and hold the can approximately 6-10 inches away from dry hair. That’s approximately one can length away, for those bad at guessing measurements, like me.

Then you will spray throughout the root area and wait 30 seconds. Waiting is important. You want to wait to allow time for the product to absorb and work its magic.

Then, you massage thoroughly with fingers and brush out. Then style as usual. This product pairs very nicely with, again, our Defrizz+ Oil Treatment and of course our Define+ Curl Cream. My personal go-to for an effortlessly beautiful hair the next day is the Refresh+ Dry Shampoo at my roots and the Defrizz+ Oil Treatment on my mid-shafts to ends where I get dry, frizzy, and experience the most breakage.

Jennifer: I love the versatility of the styling treatments, how they can be layered, mixed and matched to create the perfect style.

Courtney: So true and me too! Speaking of styling treatments, I have a hot bit of Refresh+ Dry Shampoo wisdom to share with you. It’s a bit sciencey, so hold tight, but it is truly amazing.

Did you know that our Refresh+ Dry Shampoo utilizes a non-VOC propellant that is a more ozone-friendly aerosol spray that helps to protect the environment without compromising performance. This ozone friendly propellant delivers a fine mist of lightweight & naturally derived powders for optimal oil absorption without depleting the ozone. This unique innovation provides the same amount of product in a much smaller can which helps with sustainability by reducing waste. Isn’t that fantastic!!

Jennifer: You weren’t kidding, that was some sciencey information, but I love it! Thank you so much for sharing (and caring). Courtney, as always, thank you for joining me today.

Courtney: Of course, always a pleasure Jennifer. Thank you so much for having me.

Jennifer: And, thank you to all our listeners for tuning in. To learn more about our haircare products, contact your R+F Consultant or locate a Consultant near you on our website. Until next time, enjoy Making R+F yours and sharing it with others!