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Hair Talk: Three Ways to Use Moisture+

Hair Talk with Rodan + Fields

Amplifying Your Tresses with Rodan + Fields, Episode 6

With Host Jennifer Stading, and guest Courtney Cuberly.

Jennifer: Hello everyone and welcome to the Rodan + Fields hair podcast!! My name is Jennifer Stading and I work in Product Education.

Today I am joined by Courtney Cuberly. Courtney is the Senior Manager of Product Marketing and she was brought onto the team almost three years ago now to launch R+F Haircare. If you have tuned in before you know she is our resident R+F Haircare expert and we are excited to talk haircare with her today. Courtney, welcome!

Courtney: Hi Jennifer, so happy to be on the R+F podcast again! It is always such a pleasure.

Jennifer: Thank you for being here. We recently launched our third haircare Regimen, Moisture+. A 3-step Regimen designed to transform dry + damaged tresses by deeply moisturizing, softening brittle strands, repairing damage + mending split ends, for silky, smooth, more manageable hair without tangles, instantly and over time.

One of the things I love about this Regimen is the flexibility of it. That’s because as a SMOOTH+ user, I can also use the Moisture+ Conditioning Mask as well as the Detangle+ Leave-In Treatment.

This flexibility is what inspired us for this month’s podcast. Today, we are going to share the three ways you can use the Moisture+ Conditioning Mask to instantly condition, repair and strengthen your hair for softer, healthier-looking hair, no matter what R+F Haircare Regimen you use it with.

Jennifer: Courtney, before we dive into the 3 ways, let’s quickly do a recap on this intense, deep conditioning mask.

Courtney: Of course, so the Moisture+ Conditioning Mask does so much good things to your hair. In short it instantly conditions and repairs for stronger, softer, healthier-looking hair. To dive a bit deeper, what it does is it:

  • Helps lock in moisture.
  • It repairs damage, renews brittle strands, and softens dry tresses.
  • It helps strengthen hair while making it silkier and smoother with less tangles so it is much more manageable (ie: easier to brush and comb), with less fall due to breakage.
  • Plus, it has our RF TriEnergy Complex that helps to maintain a healthy scalp.

Jennifer: I’ve noticed how soft my hair is after using this mask. Tell us more about the ingredients that make this product so unique.

Courtney: Absolutely! The formula has:

  • RF TriEnergy Complex®- Energizes your scalp to support healthier-looking hair.
  • Silk Peptides- Improve shine and help repair + protect strands from damage.
  • Coconut Oil – Nourishes, moisturizes, and restores luster while protecting hair from damage and taming frizz.
  • Plant Powered Conditioner – Deeply conditions hair with no residue leaving hair feel soft and light, not heavy or weighted down.

Jennifer: Can I also mention this Regimen has my favorite scent? It smells so good. I mean all of our Regimens do, but I definitely think this one is my favorite. Let’s move on now to what we are all waiting for and that’s the three ways on how to use it.

Courtney: Yes, I love this fragrance too!! Its such a nice and elevated floral musky scent with peony, orange blossom, and water notes!
Ok, like you said, lets talk about usage.

  1. I am going to start with the most obvious usage…those that use the entire Moisture+ Regimen:
    You would use the Moisture+ Conditioning Mask just like any conditioner. You would first, start with the Moisture+ Cleansing Oil Shampoo and follow with the Moisture+ Conditioning Mask, every time you wash your hair. Simply apply ends to roots, leave on for 5-10 mins, and then rinse. And of course don’t forget about the Detangle+ Leave-In Treatment.
  2. Ok, now lets talk about users like you, Jennifer, that use either the VOLUME+ or SMOOTH+ Regimen, and want (need?) to use the Moisture+ Conditioning Mask 1-2 times a week as an intense conditioning treatment to give your locks a little extra love. Its easy to incorporate into your routine. You would simply replace your typical conditioner, for you the Smooth+ Conditioner, with the Moisture+ Conditioning Mask and apply after your favorite Rodan + Fields Shampoo, again, in your case, the Smooth+ Shampoo. Leave on for 5-10 mins, and then rinse.
  3. Ok, lets now talk about a third way you can use the Moisture+ Conditioning Mask. As a pre-shampoo treatment.

I love this technique for those with very dry, damaged or highly textured hair.

For this process I suggest applying the Moisture+ Conditioning Mask on dry hair in sections, really making sure to get every strand from root to tip.

Then wrap hair up in a bun (or better yet, if you have a shower cap or a hair wrap use these over your hair to trap some heat and open up the cuticle. This ensures that the conditioner penetrates your hair well.). Then just let it sit for 20-40 minutes and go about your morning/day/evening…get your breakfast, scroll social media… listen to your favorite R+F Haircare podcasts, whatever you want to do! Then, gently wash out using your favorite R+F Shampoo (concentrating on the scalp area and running shampoo through ends). The goal is to get all excess Moisture+ Conditioning Mask product off your hair, without overly washing all the good stuff out!! You shouldn’t have to condition again after shampooing…

There you go Jennifer and all those listening, three ways to use our NEW Moisture+ Conditioning Mask for beautiful hair no matter how you use the Moisture+ Conditioning Mask. Perfect for all hair types, especially those that need to quench and repair dry or damaged hair or deeply moisturize and soften curly, thick, coily hair.

One more note I would like to share…. Just remember, whether you are using the entire MOISTURE+ Regimen or using the Moisture+ Conditioning Mask as an intense conditioning treatment, you will want to massage it into your hair from scalp to ends to get all the scalp benefits.

Jennifer:  I like how you snuck in listening to the podcast – what a great idea! In all seriousness, I am going to give this pre-shampoo treatment a try. It sounds like a nice excuse to give myself a little at-home spa treatment with maybe some MD Paste followed by Active Hydration Body Replenish. You’re giving me ideas, Courtney!

Oh, and good to know because I tend to apply the conditioner from mid-shaft to ends.

Courtney: Oh my gosh, yes, we all deserve an at-home spa day once an a while! Especially during the Holidays! And Rodan + Fields has a lot of great products to pamper yourself with… you mentioned the MD paste, which is one of my favorite products as well, I also am a fanatic about the New Limited Edition Ultra-Rich Moisturizing Foot Cream… if you haven’t tried this yet, you should!! It feels amazing! But you gotta buy it now because it is only available through the end of the year, or while supplies lasts. I know I am stocking up ; ).

Jennifer:  Love that Courtney and hope we both get some time this Holiday season to Mask up!! Thank you again for joining us. You always give great insight and tips. We love having you on the show!

Courtney: Thank you for having me again Jennifer! And Happy Holidays and a Fantastic New Years to all those listening!! I can’t believe this is the last podcast of 2023! But I know 2024 is going to absolutely amazing!

Jennifer: And, thank you to all our listeners for tuning in. To learn more about our haircare products, contact your R+F Consultant or locate a Consultant near you on our website. Until next time, enjoy Making R+F yours and sharing it with others!