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2020 Pinterest Trends

In search of some 2020 inspiration? Every year, the creative minds at Pinterest compile all their data and serve up the Pinterest 100— the 100 leading trends pinners the world over will be engaging with on the platform. So, what did they come up with for the new year? We found some notable trends under these categories, namely, Responsible Travel, Conscious Consumption and Finding Balance. Dive in and see how you can incorporate these newsworthy trends into your day-to-day skincare routine!

Responsible Travel

Staycations: Of course, traveling halfway across the globe for that South Pacific getaway sounds like a dream come true. But what if you could cut your carbon footprint and recreate your ideal Zen retreat from the comfort of your own home? One of the great pleasures of getting a head-to-toe treatment at the spa is the feeling that all bases are being covered. Take a note from Independent Consultant Clee Harrington who as you can see, knows how to make a whole Staycation out of her R+F skincare arsenal.

Start with some body exfoliation using the new Micro-Dermabrasion Paste before stepping in the shower, then dive into Step 1 of your Regimen—Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask, in this case. Apply Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex and Active Hydration Serum post-shower and before continuing the remainder of your Regimen. Polish it all off by applying the Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid shade of your choice—or combination of shades—with your Radiant Defense Brush.

Ah, the great indoors.   

Conscious Consumption

Low-Waste Living: Striving to live an eco-friendlier life is a goal worth pursuing; it’s cooler than ever to be mindful of our habits in this day and age. What choices are you making in your daily life to lessen your impact on the planet’s resources? One thing R+F is doing is partnering with the innovative recycling company, TerraCycle. Now, our customers and Consultants can download a free shipping label and send their empty product packaging to TerraCycle, who in turn uses these items for new products. Please note that UPS will not ship your containers if they are not completely dry and empty. Double check before sending them off.

Finding Balance

Art Therapy Activities: It’s a new year and a new decade. Have you honed in on your personal resolutions? Is one of them to discover creative ways to feel more grounded and less stressed? You’d be hard-pressed to come up with a more colorful and relaxing solution than experimenting with our face masks. Have different skincare concerns? Feel free to #MixNMask with the REDEFINE Rejuvenation Mask, REVERSE Radiance Mask, SOOTHE Rescue Mask, UNBLEMISH Clarifying Mask and RECHARGE Detox Mask!

Self-Discovery Journal Prompts: Circling back on resolutions, Pinterest notes that 2020 is the year to “improve your outlook with habits that put yourself before your selfie.” Well, we’ll never discourage a fun selfie moment, but we are completely on board with their Self-Discovery Journal Prompts trend. We’re here to offer a prompt of our own: “How do you plan to become the CEO of YOU?”

It’s never been a better time to become a Rodan + Fields Consultant. Share your skincare knowledge with your friends and the thousands of people across the country looking to achieve the greatest skin of their lives!

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Feeling inspired? Jump in, pick a couple of trends and boost your 2020 to levels sure to make it your most successful year yet! 

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