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How To Get Rid of Hairline Acne

Young woman with dark skin with Unblemish Clarifying Mask applied to her forehead

So, you’re brushing your hair and notice some bumps. Wait, could those be pimples? Yup. Just when you thought acne had popped up every place possible on your body, here’s one more: Your hairline.

Why Am I Breaking Out Around My Hairline?

A pimple begins when excess oil mixes with dead skin cells, clogging a pore. On your scalp, oil can get trapped not only by dead skin cells, but also by hairspray, mousse, gel — even shampoo, if you don’t rinse well enough. Hats, baseball caps, visors and bandanas can trap even more oil and sweat.

Makeup can also contribute to pore-clog — especially if it’s not fully washed off, which can happen around the hairline. Your facial cleanser may even be a culprit if you don’t rinse all the way up to your hair.

How to Get Rid of Hairline Acne

As a basic preventative step, always begin your nightly skincare routine by thoroughly removing all of your makeup, up to and into your hairline. Rodan + Fields ESSENTIALS Instant Makeup Remover Wipes are fast and easy to use. Then wash your face, making sure to rinse into your hairline. (And don’t go to sleep with makeup on, ever.)

Wash your hair frequently, and make sure to rinse thoroughly. Avoid heavy, sticky, waxy styling products that can seal pores, trapping oil and bacteria inside.

But pimples around the hairline should be treated as pimples, so exfoliation and acne treatment are important, too. If your hairline is the only area where you break out, try our UNBLEMISH Clarifying Mask with Sulfur to reduce excess oil, unclog pores and remove impurities from the surface of the skin in just 10 minutes. If the problem is persistent, or if you have acne elsewhere on your face, use one of our two acne Regimens. The UNBLEMISH Regimen, for adult acne and visible signs of aging, includes Gentle Exfoliating Acne Wash and Clarifying Toner to help clear pores and Dual Intensive Acne Treatment to penetrate pores to clear acne. Choose our SPOTLESS Regimen for teen and young adult acne.

Makeup Tips

Be mindful of how far into your hairline you apply makeup, and check your foundation to see how much oil it contains. Or replace your base with Rodan + Fields Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid. It’s specifically formulated to be non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. Find your shade, or custom-blend a couple of shades, to protect your skin without contributing to breakouts at your hairline — or anywhere else on your face.

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