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How To Stick to Your Skincare Routine On The Go

Regimen Mini Bottles

It’s the little things. Places are opening up. You’ve got places to go and people to see! Have you planned your summer trips yet? We’re once again living life on the go and travel sizes are integral to that life with two carry-ons. You know the importance of maintaining your skincare regimen night and day. And the best way to keep your skin looking its absolute best? Investing in little travel size containers of all of your go-to items. Think of these travel-friendly items as petite treats for your skin.

Here, we’ll share our best packing hacks, tips to keeping your skin looking its best while you travel, and more.

Packing Your Mini Regimen

The TSA allows for items 3 ounces and under in your carry-on. Airports have varying rules at TSA, but a good rule of thumb is to keep your liquids and creams in a clear beauty case and take it out of your carry-on luggage when you go through security. Edit as best you can, but of course—never edit any of the pieces in your morning and evening routines.

Even for a short weekend jaunt away, you don’t want to skip your regular skincare routine. The importance of consistency when it comes to your skin can’t be overstated. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

The Case For Skipping Decanting

Of course, you have the option of decanting your full-size skin care products into smaller travel containers, and that works in a pinch. But it feels like a little luxury to have petite versions of your regular regimen in their actual containers—no funnels needed and no refilling.

Minis for Trying Something New

Minis are great for travel. They’re also good for those of us who are curious or simply can’t commit when it comes to skincare. Want to test out a new regimen? Minis are perfect for that. Why invest in a full size before you find out how it works with your skin? Once you’ve finished your mini, upgrade to a full-size version. Then purchase a new mini for your travel lifestyle.

Minis for That Small Space Life

If you find yourself living in a space with a tiny bathroom (or even a medium sized bathroom that you share with another person), minis are key! They allow you to keep your entire regimen in a medicine cabinet without taking up much shelf real estate. In other words, minis are the unsung heroes of small apartment living.

The Case Keep Your Skincare In Your Carry-On

Not only does not checking your skincare in your luggage make things easier on you, it also gives you access to it in-flight, when your skin gets dried out in that recycled plane air. Freshen up mid-flight with a little moisturizer reapplication or indulge in an in-flight mask while you catch up on your favorite movies. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen, even on the plane. Those windows allow for UV rays to come streaming in, especially if you’re sitting in a window seat. If you apply your favorite skincare on the plane, you’ll arrive at your destination looking fabulously hydrated and ready for your vacation.

Once you settle in at your hotel, AirBnB or friend’s home, slather on a hydrating mask like the Redefine Rejuvenation Mask and pair it with a relaxing hot bath, if you have time. It’ll erase the effects of airplane air and refresh your skin.

Skin-Related Concerns Due To Traveling

Best case scenario is that your skin looks gorgeous while you’re away. That said, time changes and differences, breakouts from traveling and the stress related to it, and simply lackluster skin can occur when you’re out of your element. Different water can also be a factor. This is all natural and normal and you can best combat any skin issues by sticking to your regular routine. You want to stay hydrated — inside and out — and take care of your skin. Keep it simple.

Keep Your Minis Stored In Your Suitcase

One hack to try? Keep your mini skincare regimen stored in your luggage. That way, it’ll be ready to go when you are. Just remember to do a little audit after each trip and see which products are running low. Keep a backup of each mini skin care item on-hand, ready to replace what needs to be tossed. Done and done.

Have a wonderful trip and even more wonderful skin!

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