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How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Closeup of model with fair skin.

Selfies are everywhere. Over 1,000 of them get posted to Instagram every 10 seconds, with billions a year uploaded to Google. But what if you aren’t particularly good at them? We’ve rounded up tips from Rodan + Fields staff members who specialize in getting models and civilians to put their best face forward.

1. Know Your Angles
The way you hold your smartphone when taking a photo makes a world of difference. “Hold the camera above you and point it slightly downward. This angle is thinning, and you avoid looking as if you have a double chin,” says Rodan + Fields Director of Integrated Marketing Shruti Goradia, who oversees our social media accounts. If the downward position doesn’t flatter you, try holding the camera slightly lower and/or to either side, until you find your best angle. A selfie stick just might be your secret weapon, as it helps create angles you can’t achieve with your arms.

2. Find the Light
“Find natural light, either outside or near a window,” advises Associate Creative Director Courtney Hardt, who works on Rodan + Fields advertising campaigns. Turn toward the light to illuminate your face, then take your selfie. Caution: Direct sun can cast shadows on your features, so if it’s really bright outside, either skip the selfie or see if you can take one with the sun directly behind your head (if you’re able to get it just right, this can create a nice halo effect). Also, indoor fluorescent lighting is not your friend. If it’s your only option, you also may want to skip the selfie.

3. Dress for Success
The clothes you choose for your selfie can help — or hinder — the final result. “Wear a solid color and avoid patterns,” says Creative Director Zoe Roman, who is in charge of our photo shoots. Prints and logos can be distracting, as are colors that contrast too starkly with the background. Choose a shade that flatters you and coordinates with your surroundings, and watch the likes add up.

4. Express Yourself
Mastering the right expression, one that looks natural and not like you’re trying too hard (even if you are!) is the hardest part of taking a selfie. If you’re with a friend who makes you genuinely smile or laugh, ask them to tell you a joke or say something funny. Natural emotion tends to photograph better than anything staged. And as silly as it may sound, practice your expressions in the mirror until you find a few you like. When it’s time for a photo, you’ll be able to easily reach into your arsenal and know just what to do.