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The Best Eyebrow Trends Right Now (And How to Achieve Them!)

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With all this mask-wearing, all eyes are on brows! Brow trends continued to take off throughout this year, with online tutorials, at-home techniques, and social media (hello TikTok) trends focusing on shape and style. From natural looks inspired by our many months inside, to bold brows back on the runway, these are our top 5 brow trends right now and how to achieve them.  

Laminated Brows  

Achieve slick, stunning brows with the edgy laminated look. Laminated brows look smooth, straight and glossy and are set flat against the face (like they’re laminated paper). This is a brow treatment that is popular in salons (the treatment can last up to 12 months!), but can also be achieved at home with the purchase of a few tools and products such as perming solution and cling film. Using a brow brush, sweep the brow hairs upwards vertically and trim the top with brow scissors so hairs appear straight. Solutions are then applied to the brows and covered with film to set the brows for around 10 minutes per application. Generally, newly laminated brows should not get wet or have makeup applied to them for at least 24 hours after the treatment. Laminated brows look highly polished and bold, and are most easily achieved by those with enough brows to work with. Like any salon service, the look requires a certain level of commitment and upkeep to maintain the desired results. 

Geolift Brows  

The geolift brow trend is the ideal balance between structured and natural-looking. Brows are brushed around to develop a fringed look, but only on the top. Below the brow remains sleek and clean, with an arch toward the back. This trend is gaining popularity because of its balance between masculine and feminine, and versatility for styling with and without makeup. It’s all about creating lift and geometry on the upper parts of the face (bonus: an instant eye lift!) Achieving the geolift shape is easy with a basic brow brush, clear or tinted brow gel and basic brow shaping tools such as tweezers or wax.  It’s best to lay off the tweezing, waxing and threading for a few weeks to let your natural brow take shape, then remove only the bottom hair of the back of the brow to create that streamlined shape. This look is splashed all over  beauty magazines right now and is a sleek, yet natural-looking brow style.  

Straight Brows 

A fresh (and fierce) way to frame your face is with the straight brow trend. Adding a bit of an edge to your face, straight brows sweep into a diagonal line from front to back, with little to no arch at the center. The shape comes naturally for those that don’t tweeze, wax or thread their brows often, so its an easy trend to try out with a little preparation. Once brows are grown out with enough room to play, brush the brows up and back and remove stray hairs from the bottom arch only. Keep brows in place with clear or tinted brow gel to refine the look and add a little extra color or shine. The straight brow trend is ideal for those who like to have a little bit of an edge with their makeup and style, and is a fantastic way to frame your eyes to make them front and center. Most people can achieve this look on their own at home with tweezers, or letting your waxer or threader know your desired shape. Just make sure you arrive at the appointment with enough brow growth for them to work with to achieve the desired result.  

Shadow Brows  

Add dimension and density to your brows with the shadow brow trend. This trend is loved by those who like to rock darker brows than their hair, or want to build up their brow shape to be more defined and less sparse. It’s achieve by using a technique of applying tinted powder to cast a “shadow” underneath your natural brow hairs to create the illusion of fuller brows. Using real brow powder (not eye shadow) in a shade that matches your natural color, apply with a brow brush in small strokes from front to back. To add even more dimension and texture, go back with a sharp eyeliner or a brow pencil, making small sweeping lines that mimic the brow hairs. Tame the brows with gel or clear primer to seal the deal.  

Fluffy, Feathery Brows  

A lot of people have recently found renewed appreciation for natural-looking brows. Fluffy, feathery, natural-looking brows help achieve a more youthful appearance because brow volume and fullness frame the eyes to highlight our best features. Fuller-looking brows are flattering for all ages and face shapes, are easy to style and don’t require much upkeep since its based off working with your natural brow shape. To achieve the look, apply a tinted brow gel by using short, upward strokes to pick up brow hair with the thicker part of the wand, building up fullness at the center of the brow before working outwards towards the tail. With the wand’s tip, use small strokes to fill in gaps and shape the brow tail. Rodan + Fields’s award-winning Brow Defining Boost is a multi-tasking brow gel with buildable coverage for instant and overtime results. The gel is formulated with our proprietary Lash Boost Technology and Castor Oil to help nourish brows, helping to achieve thicker, fuller, and fluffier-looking brows with consistent use over time. Plus, its tinted fibers instantly boost volume, fullness and definition with buildable coverage. 

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