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All About Refresh+ Dry Shampoo

Your Best Hair with Bridget Brager - Bridget is holding up Refresh+ Dry Shampoo

Refresh Dry Shampoo — it’s designed to be an ultra-fine mist that balances the scalp while absorbing oil and sweat. Plus, Refresh+ Dry Shampoo adds volume and fullness which is visible on the first use. We added nourishing ingredients like Chamomile Extract to soothe and moisturize the scalp and Rice Starch to absorb any extra oil you’ve got. This combo makes for a very gentle dry shampoo experience. This can actually be the only product you use, most days it is mine, when I’m on the go especially. And I use it on every one of my clients, it is in my kit, it is a staple.

Also, important to note, Refresh+ Dry Shampoo uses an ozone-friendly propellant that reduces the impact on the ozone, which is a big win for us, all of us. We are super proud of this. It is also what keeps this can little. But don’t let this little can fool you, the options are endless. Let’s get into what you can do with your dry shampoo.

You can use it to add volume and give a little bulk to your roots and it does this without all the build-up. When you pair our dry shampoo with a drop of Defrizz+ Oil, focusing mid-lengths to ends, scrunching up after you’ve layered these two products on top of each other, you’ve got the perfect undone, cool girl hairstyle. Up-dos are a you-betcha. This dry shampoo is perfect to use when creating an updo for extra grip and hold to make it last. This, spraying your hair pins or bobby pins with dry shampoo is the biggest hack ever, trust me. All my friends with curly hair this is a great refresh in between washes. It not only soothes the scalp and removes that excess oil, but it gives you that airy volume. It lets your curls kind of live off your scalp a little bit and if you’re into that, this is the way. And don’t think I forgot about all my bang sisters out there. Refresh and fluff, all day for us.

We know all the amazing benefits of using a dry shampoo, now how do we use it:

Start by shaking the can and spraying 8 inches away from the scalp so you don’t get that unwanted build-up.

Next, take panels along the hairline, and over direct the hair and spray at the roots. This is how you get that extra volume, it’s all about over directing your hair.

Wait a few seconds and then re-energize your hair by giving yourself a quick massage.

And last, but not least, enjoy the uplifting citrus scent.