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Defrizz Oil Treatment Tips + Tricks

Your Best Hair with Bridget Brager - Defrizz+ Oil Treatment Tips + Tricks

Hi guys, Bridget Brager here. And today we are talking about the one and only, Rodan + Fields Defrizz+ Oil Treatment. I love this stuff, it’s so versatile and I can’t wait to chat about it. For starters, adding our Defrizz+ Oil Treatment into your daily routine is going to give you instant and long-lasting smoothness, softness, shine and manageability. What I’m talking about is absolutely luxurious hair. That’s what we want! It’s what keeps us grabbing for this every day, but when we look a bit closer, it is doing so much more. And you are going to be so grateful you have this in your arsenal.

Use on wet hair to lock in hydration for less frizz and flyaways. And to help with slip and detangling. This oil provides up to 450 degrees of defense between your hot tools and your hair. You want that, you want a thermal protector, and this is it.

For anybody who has split ends and flyaways, I apply this between my hands and sandwich them mid-lengths to ends. This helps reduce frizz. Then for an extra nourishing boost of hydration, use this on your scalp as a pre-shampoo or an overnight treatment.

I love finishing the hair for any red-carpet event, with this oil because it really does add a glassy, glossy shine. It’s perfect and I know it’s not going to weigh my client’s hair down.

Two ingredients to remember, RF TriEnergy Complex and Hair Defending Polymers. Starting at the roots of healthy hair, is our scalp. RF TriEnergy Complex helps strengthen the scalp’s natural skin barrier and boost scalp cell energy by 200%. What I’m talking about is a more balanced, fortified, and nourished scalp. It is priming your hair, right from the start, root to tip to support healthier- looking, stronger hair instantly and overtime. And then those strands of hair are protected by Hair Defending Polymers. Our hair is exposed to so many environmental stressors from color to pollution and heat. These polymers are a layer of protection from these elements and protect against breakage. I said it before, it is the does-it-all of products. Thanks guys, talk to you next time.