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Q&A: All Things Eye Care – A Guide to Eye Skincare and Treatments

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In our current reality, eyes take center stage. With lips taking a back seat to masks, our eye area gets top billing. The eye area is also the first place where the visible signs of aging appear. The skin in this area is naturally thin and susceptible to damage. Puffy eyes, eye bags, crow’s feet, dark circles, thin, crepey skin, wrinkles and fine lines are the visible culprits that contribute to the appearance of aging. How to manage this and keep your eye area fresh and youthful looking? It’s all about a proper, consistent skincare routine with a good eye cream, like REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream. This Peptide-infused cream visibly reduces fine lines, crow’s feet and loss of firmness around your eyes. A few tips and tricks will also help stave off the first signs of aging—and help with minimizing existing ones. Here, we’re answering all of your eye-area aging-related questions.

Q: Why are the eyes and undereye area the first place to show visible signs of aging?

A: The eye area, particularly the undereye section, has the thinnest skin in the entire body, making blood vessels and muscles more visible. With aging, your skin loses its firmness and elasticity. In addition to that, the striatum muscle’s spasms cause crow’s feet, lines and wrinkles to become more pronounced. Vascular permeability and inadequate lymphatic drainage also result in eye puffiness.

Q: Why do I need products designed for the eye area instead of simply using face creams?

A: The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your face—it’s delicate and fragile, making it less receptive to toners and layers of skincare. Due to minimal glands in that area, that skin does not need any products to clear pores or reduce oil. The eye itself is extremely reactive and sensitive, so many ingredients can cause irritation in that area. The eye products also need to sit better on the skin, reducing the potential to heat up and migrate, or run, into the eyes. Finally, all eye products need to be especially tested for sensitivity and safety. Be especially careful applying eyelid cream, i.e., cream you put on your eyelids, to prime the area for eye makeup. Not using a product designed for the eye area, like an eye cream or eye serum, can lead to irritation, as well.

Q: If I use a regular face cream on my eye area (if we’re not sensitive), will it achieve the same results?

A: The skin of the eye area is very different than the rest of the face and therefore, requires different formulations. We do not recommend regular face creams as they may contain ingredients that could irritate the eye or be too active for the delicate skin in the eye area. For example, exfoliators, acne fighting ingredients, OTCs, or natural oils like tea tree oil could be irritating for this sensitive area.

Q: How should I incorporate eye cream into my skincare routine? Just at night or day and night?

A: Since the eye area is on the orbital bone and towards the eye and the face area is the orbital bone and away from the eye, the overlap is minimal. We recommend that you cleanse the face and eye area, tone the skin, then apply the eye cream or serum for you before putting on the rest of your skincare. We also recommend that you apply your eye creams twice daily in the morning and evening to maintain moisture.

Q: How do I cleanse my eye area before applying my eye cream?

A: The right eye cream formula should be gentle, oil-free and remove even stubborn makeup. Rodan + Fields ESSENTIALS Complete Eye Makeup Remover fits the bill and includes conditioners for skin and lashes! It dissolves stubborn makeup, is oil-free and gentle for sensitive eyes—yet removes even longwear eye makeup without irritation. Biotin and Panthenol condition the skin, lashes and brows.

Use the right applicator for best results. ESSENTIALS Gauze Pads are softly textured to help lift off makeup without irritation. It unfolds to expand to fit the surface area. And it’s lint-free—perfect for your eye area.

Q: How do I apply eye cream? Before or after my face serum? Do I pat, rub, etc.?

A: After cleansing and toning your face, use your ring finger to gently apply a small amount of your eye cream by tapping to the eye area in the morning and evening. Try to not pull or tug the area when applying. Avoid the lashes and lash area and apply under the eye, over crow’s feet and the upper lid but do not apply below the upper lid crease. Then, follow with your remaining Regimen products.

Q: What are key ingredients to look for when choosing an eye cream?

A: Look for Peptides to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles and firm skin. REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream featured Peptides to minimize the appearance of fine lines and expression lines and visibly firms skin. The eye cream is also formulated with Glycerin to provide deep, long-lasting moisturization. An eye cream should include skin brighteners that are gentle and tested to be safe, like Daisy Flower Extract. Antioxidants help to protect this delicate skin against environmental aggressors. And finally, Vitamins C and F can help strengthen skin’s barrier and visibly firm.

Q: Should I use an eye cream with SPF during the day?

A: Sunscreens for the eye area are beneficial and can usually be layered over an eye cream.

Q: When should I see results when using a good eye cream regularly?

A: Often, the eye area will look brighter and more hydrated upon the first application of an eye cream. More improvements, such as visibly smoother lines and wrinkles, can happen over time depending on the ingredients and formulation and consistency.

Q: Any other tips to properly care for my eye area?

A: Drink water to stay hydrated — dehydration contributes to the appearance of dark circles and a sunken look. Get enough sleep and wear your prescription glasses or sunglasses to reduce squinting. Broad-brim hats help protect the eyes and further reduce squinting.

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