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Interested in Eyebrow Tinting? Here’s a Deep Dive into all the Options.

Close up of eyebrow tint applicator brush

Are you thinking of tinting your eyebrows? Bold and beautiful brows are a longtime runway trend and are becoming more and more popular with real women all over the world. Of course, tinting your brows is a personal choice. And there are so many options out there when it comes to brows. From dyeing them yourself or in-salon, getting brows micro-bladed, to using a brow-tinting gel or pencil, you have multiple methods for getting that perfect brow shade. In this post, we’ll demystify exactly what brow tinting is, we’ll discuss who can benefit from this look, we’ll tackle the many ways to do it, we’ll share how long it lasts, plus more.  

What exactly is eyebrow tinting? 

Eyebrow tinting is dyeing your brows–or simply applying a tinted product to your brow. A tinted brows effect can make you look more youthful, as tinting the brow tends to make them look thicker, fuller and darker. Tinting for sparse brows is an easy way to get a voluminous brow look.  

What are some of the different ways you can tint your brows?  

There are four ways to tint your brows and each method varies with regard to simplicity, cost and how long the effect lasts.  

1. In-Salon Brow Tinting 

You can have your brows dyed in a salon, if that’s legal in your state. This costs about $25-$40 per service, plus tip. In California, for instance, it’s not legal for colorists to dye a client’s brows, just hair.  Brow and lash dyes are not FDA-approved, so that is a consideration to keep in mind.  

2. Do-It-Yourself Brow Dye  

You can dye your brows yourself with hair dye, a dye created just for brows, or even with men’s mustache/beard dye. The price for an at-home dye is about $10-$20 for a kit that will last you 10 or so uses. These types of tinting are semi-permanent, meaning they last up to a few weeks. Applying the dye to your brows takes about 5-10 minutes.  

3. Microblading Eyebrows 

On the more permanent (though not totally permanent) end of the spectrum is microblading. This procedure involves a technician tattooing eyebrows onto your face using vegetable dye and a small tool with tiny blades. This process typically involves two visits (and costs about $800 and up), but can last about one to three years, fading gradually over time. You want to make sure you read a lot of reviews and see before and after photos before committing to this more permanent solution.  

4. Tinted Gel 

For those who want fuller-looking, bold brows, but want to be able to simply apply the color and wash it off at the end of the day — while providing instant and overtime benefits to brows — Brow Defining Boost is a great solution.  

It’s the best of the makeup and brow-conditioning serum worlds combined. A serum simply helps your brows look fuller, but this product defines your brows in the process. Essentially, Brow Defining Boost is a tinted brow gel that’s lightweight and features fibers that increase the appearance of brow fullness with buildable coverage. Instantly and overtime, it works to deliver the look of beautiful, yet natural-looking brows. When you brush it on, it makes brows look darker, defined and more robust through the fibers and tint. Used consistently over time, the formula, which features Lash Boost Technology along with Cellulose Fibers and Castor Oil, helps boost the appearance of fuller, thicker and more defined brows.  

Castor Oil helps moisturize and condition brows, while Cellulose Fibers, which are natural, renewable fibers, provide an instant volumizing effect. It comes in four flexible shades: Light, Medium, Dark and Black. You may want to try layering a couple of shades to provide a more natural brow look with a little dimension. Light and Medium work well together for blondes, Medium and Dark look good on lighter brunettes, and Dark and Black are the perfect combination for those with black hair.  

Who can benefit from eyebrow tinting?  

Eyebrow tinting is great for anyone who over plucked their brows in the ‘90s/early ‘00s. It’s perfect for those who want to achieve the look of fuller, thicker, more defined brows. After all, defined brows are an essential part of framing the face, helping to maintain a youthful-looking appearance. It’s excellent for those with gray/graying brows who want their look to be cohesive with their dyed hair. Brow tinting works for all skin types and natural brow colors.