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How To Do Your Eyebrows: Tips & Tricks

You can get the best eyebrows of your life right at home!

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With so many guidelines and tutorials online regarding eyebrow styling, it can be hard to know what’s right for you. Some people have curly brows, others have sparse brows, and others have super thick brows. So when it comes to doing your own eyebrows at home, where do you start? Believe it or not, there is a universally best way for how to do your eyebrows. Read on to learn our tips and tricks.

Items You’ll Need To Start Doing Your Own Eyebrows

When doing your brows, it’s important to take it slow and steady. You can always pluck, wax or shape them more, but never less. Eyebrows play an important role in shaping your face and accentuating your features. Here are some tools to keep on hand for achieving your best brows from the comfort of home.


You likely already own tweezers either for grooming or in a first aid kit. We highly recommend having tweezers specifically for brows on hand that are used for brows only, not also for splinters or other uses. This assures optimal cleanliness and performance from your tweezers, the same way you keep makeup brushes for your face clean.

Brow Scissors

If your brows tend to grow long and curl at the tips, this can make them look unruly, even if you use brow gel to hold them in place. It can sometimes seem that brows have a mind of their own then they’re grown out! Brow scissors are a great tool for shaping and taming long and curly brows, or cementing the shape you desire. Brows can look a little more streamlined when they are trimmed, similar to a fresh haircut.

Spooly Brush

Love the bushy brow look? A spooly brush allows your natural brow shape and length to take center stage while still looking groomed and pristine. Keep a spooly brush on hand and simply comb your brows from center to back, brushing brow hairs in place and in an outward direction. FInish with brow gel for a glossy finish and to hold the hairs in place all day long.


There are many different brow products available on the market for different kinds of brows. Whether you’re working with bushy brows or super sparse brows, there are products that can enhance your look and help you achieve your desired result. Always avoid using expired products as they can look clumpy or cause breakouts. Here are some of the top products for sophisticated, streamlined brows:

  • Tinted Brow Gel – Tinted brow gel fills in sparse areas with color while keeping the brows in place. Make sure to match your brow color to the right brow gel color for the most natural look.
  • Clear Brow Gel – If your brows are full and there’s no need to add color or thickness, clear brow gel will simply tame brows and keep them in place.
  • Pomade – Want a bolder brow? Use pomade to fill in the brows and make them darker, thicker and more distinct on your face.
  • Brow Pencil – Make small, wispy lines with a brow pencil to mimic the look of brow hairs and fill out the brows and their shape in a natural-looking way.
  • Brow Powder – For soft and subtle accentuation, use brow powder with a brush to create the shape, color and arch you desire.

How To Do Your Eyebrows

There are some great rules of thumb for how to do your eyebrows on your own at home, before using any of the aforementioned products. Having well-groomed brows is the perfect starting point before applying any product. Here’s how.

Step 1: Wash Your Face

By removing excess oil or makeup from your face, you are starting with a clean slate for grooming your brows.

Step 2: Brush Your Brows Upwards

Brushing the brows upwards helps you see brow hairs that are long and ruly.

Step 3: Trim Brows From The Top

Simply trim along the natural arch of your brow to remove hairs that have grown too long.

Step 4: Brush Brows Downwards

Brush brows down to see excess hair growth from below.

Step 5: Trim Brows From The Bottom

Trim along the natural arch of the brow, just as you did from above.

Step 6: Brush Brows Outwards

Brush brows into place and see the beautifully groomed shape you’ve created. There should be more definition around the eyes now. This can also helps create the illusion of long eyelashes.

Step 7: Tweeze or Wax Excess Hairs

After you’ve trimmed brow hairs from the top and bottom, draw your attention to the space in between brows and any sparse hairs below. Many professionals go by a rule of thumb to only tweeze or wax stray brow hairs below the brow, and leave the natural brow arch above alone. This can be a personal preference, so tweeze or wax any hairs above the arch as you personally see fit.

Not into waxing or tweezing? Simply style your brows with products for a natural look.

Brow styling has a lot to do with personal preference! Remember to not overdo it and you will no doubt find the brow look that’s best for you.

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