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Your Best Hair: How to Use Densifying+ Treatment

Your Best Hair with Bridget Brager - How to Use Densifying+ Treatment. Bridget smiling, holding a bottle of Densifying+ Treatment.

Hi everyone! Bridget Brager here and today I wanted to talk to you about the lightweight, fast-absorbing, scalp replenishing Rodan + Fields Densifying+ Treatment.

Okay so I love this product. It can be used on virtually any one of my clients to moisturize and nourish the scalp to not only help maintain scalp health but also repair and prevent damage for hair that looks fuller, thicker, and healthier. Which is what we all want, right? This genius formula can be used daily on wet or dry hair. It works at the root to nourish and re-energize the scalp by replenishing essential nutrients to support a healthier and happier scalp. Thus, beautiful hair. We love that.

I also love starting with the Densifying+ Treatment because it gives me a nice, lightweight plumping effect at the base, at the root, before I really start to dive in. And don’t forget this can be used along with any of your styling products so don’t be afraid to layer it all in. This protects. One of my personal favorite tricks, especially on a hot day or after the gym, is to refrigerate the Densifying+ Treatment so it is nice and cool. You massage it in, it’s a little self-care moment.

Some of the ingredients in the Densifying+ Treatment, although hard to say, have outstanding benefits and you have to know them. For instance, Acetyl Glutamine, which plumps the hair shaft for fuller looking hair. Or Bio Ceramide Molecules which add volume and fullness while leaving hair smooth and flexible. I love that one. But the two ingredients that I feel are the most essential to this treatment are the RF TriEnergy Complex, this helps to strengthen the scalp’s natural skin barrier and boost scalp energy. And number two, Essential Micronutrients, these help to maintain the scalp moisture barrier for optimal scalp health.

Okay, that’s a lot of product details. Another Rodan + Fields product that goes above and beyond, giving us instant benefits but also making sure we continue to see results over time. That is what we are after. Thank you everyone, talk to you soon!