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Why Do I Have Itchy Skin At Night

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Q&A: Why do I have itchy skin at night? The real reasons you have itchy skin at night and how to make it stop.

When talking about sensitive skin, we usually focus on the visible signs of sensitive skin — everything from redness, to flare ups, to irritation of all sorts. Many people with sensitive skin suffer from skin itchiness that becomes especially uncomfortable at night.  

Do you wake up multiple times throughout the night? Do you scratch your skin while you’re sleeping? Both of these things can lead to poor quality sleep. In this post, we’ll answer your itchy skin questions to bring this particular aspect of sensitive skin to light. Beauty sleep is vital to looking and feeling your best every day.  

Read on to find out more about sensitive skin, how your skin’s circadian rhythm affects itchiness and why your bedroom configuration can have something to do with how your skin feels.  

Can sensitive skin lead to itchy skin at night? 

Sensitive skin is not a skin disease, instead, it is a symptom of other concerns. Some skin issues that you may deal with if you have sensitive skin:  

  • Your skin easily gets irritated.  
  • You have redness that doesn’t go away after several hours or even days.  
  • You endure dryness and itchiness regularly.  
  • Your skin easily gets sunburnt.  
  • Your skin is prone to inflammation.  

 The itchiness may be especially pronounced for those who suffer from eczema, atopic dermatitis or simply have very dry skin.  

What are some of the negative effects of skin itchiness?  

The negative effects of skin itchiness include: quality of sleep, scratching while sleeping and making the sensitive skin even more sensitive. You may be shopping for a dry skin treatment when a sensitive skin regimen is all you need. A skincare routine for sensitive skin you’ll love? Rodan + Fields’ SOOTHE Regimen, a 4-step routine that calms dry, itchy skin so those with skin sensitivity can enjoy a better sleep. This Regimen even works well for eczema and atopic dermatitis. Powered by our unique Multi-Med Therapy approach, SOOTHE uses the right ingredients that are formulated to work together, and be layered on the skin in the right order to soothe skin woes.  

SOOTHE Regimen also works to help address skin itchiness that can be bothersome to some at night. The Regimen was also clinically tested to calm dry, itchy skin for a better night’s rest. This routine helps to calm, rescue and refresh skin from suffering from the effects caused by sensitivity round the clock. The regimen includes a Calming Gel Cleanser, Sensitive Skin Treatment, Moisturizing Rescue Cream and Daily Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30.  

Why does the itching get more intense at night?  

There are a couple of reasons for this. 

One is that your skin has its own circadian rhythm, which is a 24-hour cycle that’s part of the body’s internal clock. Think of it as an operating system: It runs in the background to carry out essential functions and processes. At night, your skin absorbs products better, as it’s thinner at that time and undergoes the cell renewal and skin regeneration process. “Along with formulations, when you target the skin, we value your circadian rhythm and this approach greatly impacts results,” Dr. Kathy Fields says. “Your skin is cooler so more ingredients can absorb and penetrate better, leaving you with a dewy finish, which you wouldn’t want in the daytime,” Dr. Kathy Fields adds.  Because of your skin’s circadian rhythm, your blood circulates faster, your body temperature rises, and this leads to trans epidermal water loss. The result? Your skin gets drier which generates the feeling of itchiness.  

Another reason for evening skin itchiness is that you may be sleeping close to an air conditioning or central heating unit. Being too close to air conditioning or central heating at night can also contribute to overall skin dryness and itchiness. If it’s at all possible, position your bed as far away from these heating and cooling appliances as possible.  

If I have itchy skin at night, should I skip my nighttime skincare routine?  

It is not advised that you skip your nighttime skincare regimen. Instead, we recommend that you choose skincare tested specifically for sensitive skin. SOOTHE Regimen contains “skin protectants and skin soothers, like our proprietary RFp2 Peptide Complex and our patented RF3 Antioxidant Complex”, says Dr. Katie Rodan. As Step 2 of the Regimen, “The Sensitive Skin Treatment helps to quickly reduce the appearance of redness, dryness and sensation of itching, hallmarks of sensitive skin and eczema”, adds Dr. Katie Rodan, making this a great addition to a nighttime skin routine. In the clinical studies for our SOOTHE Regimen, 78% of subjects with eczema agreed they had less bothersome itchiness. The subjects also realized that the Regimen calms down dry and itchy skin for better sleep.   

Is skin itchiness anything to worry about?  

The short answer is probably not. While sensitive skin is fairly common, skin itchiness can also be a sign of more significant health condition. However, you should always consult with your dermatologist or doctor should you experience skin itchiness for prolonged periods of time.  

Are you experiencing skin sensitivities? SOOTHE Regimen can help address visible redness and discomfort, leading to calmer-feeling skin. Plus – it can address skin irritation to achieve a better night’s rest. Discover our nurturing SOOTHE Regimen now!