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With The Right Lash Care, You Won’t Miss Your Extensions

Pro-approved tips on how to get lashes so long you won’t believe your eyes.

Close shot of light skinned model with natural eyelashes

Lash extensions have skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade. So for many women, the past few months of staying inside during shelter-in-place has meant confronting what their natural lashes look like under there. “There” referring to the fills and refills they’ve been undergoing in pursuit of long, feathery, lush lashes.

Lash extension services, once rare, are now easy to obtain. And lash studios have opened all over the country. What was once a costly service you could only get at high-end salons became accessible to all. Which is a great thing for those of us who love a lotsa-lashes look.

Some of the perks of lash extension life? Fans of the lash extension treatment love the considerable amount of time they save getting ready throughout the month. That hour or two they spend having the extensions applied is well worth it! Waking up looking ready-to-go —no makeup application necessary —is pretty fantastic.

It’s wonderful to be able to front-load your beauty look so that your day-to-day routine is much less time consuming every morning. No mascara or liner necessary. This is especially helpful for those who have lighter lashes, like natural blondes and redheads. Finding an alternative to lash extensions not only saves you a significant amount of money on a monthly basis, it also saves you hours of time.

Many are weaning themselves off of regular lash extensions because lash studios have been closed the past few months. The good news is you probably have more free time to care for your lashes at home. Good lash care is key to keeping them as healthy as possible during this period in between professional lash extension appointments.

How best to do that? From lash extension removal, to the best false lashes to try, to the best lash serum, here are some pro tips on all things lash care.

Lash Extensions Should Only Be Removed By A Lash Technician
Trust us. This is a big one! Even if you have just one remaining long lash extension and your eye looks like a narwhal. Lash extensions require professional removal or plain old patience. Eventually, they’ll come off with your lashes’ natural growth cycle. Removing lash extensions yourself can damage your natural lashes. So try to ride it out for the moment.

6 Ways to Achieve the Appearance of Longer, Fuller-Looking Lashes Without Extensions

1. Clean Your Lashes
Giving your lashes a thorough cleaning when you have lash extensions on is far more difficult than it is when you’re in between lash extension applications. Why? Because giving your lashes a thorough scrub would remove your extensions and dissolve the eyelash glue applied to keep them in place. That’s why lash technicians advise that you use an oil-free makeup remover or eye makeup removal pads.

When you’re removing mascara, however, you can use your regular face wash, cleansing oil, washcloth, or makeup removing towelette and successfully get your eye area super clean. Use a spoolie brush and really get in there to ensure your lashes are getting a good “shampoo.” Just like when you give your scalp a good wash, cleansing your lashes at the root when you wash your face keeps lashes healthy. This time in between appointments is important to give your lash line a little room to breathe, figuratively.

2. Use A Lash Serum During Breaks
To get the appearance of longer, fuller-looking lashes, using a lash serum, like R+F Lash Boost, on your lash line every night will help. Consistency is key to see results. Lash serums differ from extensions in that they are a DIY solution you can use at home versus an application at a salon with a lengthy appointment. How to use it: First, you want to remove all makeup and cleanse your face. Make sure your eyelids and lashes are dry —this is key. Then apply Lash Boost only along the upper lash line of both eyes. Dip the brush once per eye and wipe any excess product off the brush before applying. Gently wipe off any excess serum from your eyelids or lashes. You want to make sure you don’t wash your face or eye area after applying. Give the Lash Boost approximately 90 seconds to dry before applying other products in the eye area or before going to sleep. Once you see how gorgeous your natural lashes appear, you may not even want to go back to paying for extensions.


3. Nourish Your Lashes
To keep your lashes moisturized and conditioned, sweet almond oil is a great pick. You can apply this using a clean spoolie brush to your lashes before you go to sleep at night to help keep them in good condition between lash extension appointments. If you’re applying Lash Boost every night, try putting castor oil on during the day on days when you’re skipping other makeup. Doing a deep conditioning treatment on a Sunday while you clean your home? That’s a great time to deep condition your lashes, as well.

4. Indulge In A Facial
Steam isn’t great for extending the time between lash extension appointments. But when you’re on a break from extensions and opting for mascara, it’s a great time for facials. DIY at-home or head to a spa when they’re open again. Steam is great for purifying your pores before applying a clay mask to address oiliness or a moisturizing mask to help skin look more youthful.

5. Stomach And Side Sleepers Rejoice
One thing that’s tough for many eyelash extensions enthusiasts to embrace is sleeping on their backs to help preserve their lashes. During your break from appointments when you’re letting your lashes breathe and get healthy again, enjoy sleeping however you like. Try sleeping with a silk or satin pillowcase to help keep your skin and hair healthy. This decreases friction throughout the night as you toss and turn plus has an impact on both decreasing bedhead and keeping skin looking youthful.

6. Wear Some Falsies
Regular mascara is fun, but for special occasions, why not kick it up a notch with false lashes? For a more natural look, opt for individual clusters. Or you can cut false lash strips into smaller pieces and apply them just to the ends of your lashes. You can also try lash lifting, perming, or simply curling your lashes to give your eyes a wide-open look. The result is an open, elongated cat-eye effect that enhances any makeup look. Some new brands on the market offer magnetic lashes, which feature tiny magnets that adhere to magnetic liquid eyeliner you apply first. It’s easy to remove, making it safer for your eyelashes.