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Men’s Skincare Tips + Tricks When Shaving

Shaving kit showing double-edged safety razor and badger hair brush

Shaving is about more than your beard. It doesn’t matter how close your shave is if the process leaves your skin red, dry & irritated or full of razor burn & ingrown hair. Plus, there’s the rest of your face to think of. Healthy-looking skin plays a major role in confidence. Because we all know if you look good, you feel good.

We’ve got tips & tricks to help you step up your shaving game and make sure you’re taking care of your skin.  

Men’s Skin Facts

  • Men’s skin is 25% thicker and has a tougher texture due to testosterone levels.
  • It has more collagen, so aging seems slower. But production decreases 1% year starting around age 30.
  • Men have larger pores and glands that produce up to 20% more oil which can leave skin “greasy”.

Skin Solutions + Shaving Tips

Concern: Redness + Sensitivity
Red, irritated, sensitive skin happens when your moisture barrier is stressed. Natural moisture escapes leaving it dry and compromised so environmental irritants + shaving wreak havoc.

Solution: Your skin needs our SOOTHE Regimen. It works to reduce visible redness and relieve dryness + irritation so you get healthy-looking, smooth skin, and a better shave.

Shaving Tip: Exfoliate 2x a week with ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste. Getting rid of dead skin will help you get a closer shave. Then, use SOOTHE Gentle Cream Wash as shaving cream to soften hair. 

Concern: Acne + Pores
Clogged pores + breakouts happen when hormonal changes + stress increase oil production. Acne, especially if red or inflamed can make shaving a challenge. 

Solution: Our UNBLEMISH Regimen clears adult acne and visibly minimizes pores + signs of aging.  It’s an easy + effective way to remove dirt, excess oil + daily impurities to clear skin and prevent future breakouts.

Shaving Tip: 3-5x a week add extra exfoliation with ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste. Also, try using our Acne Wash as a shave cream that also helps keep blemishes at bay. Be careful not to shave over any breakouts.

Concern: Discoloration
Age spots + discoloration come from excessive sun exposure. They can make you look older and become more prominent over time.

Solution: Try our REVERSE Brightening Regimen. It exfoliates + brightens to reveal a noticeably more even-toned, healthier-looking complexion. Even the sunscreen is made with brightening ingredients.

Shaving Tip: Use the REVERSE Deep Exfoliating Wash before you shave to remove dead cells, smooth skin and soften your beard. Apply shaving cream after as usual.

Concern: Lines + Wrinkles
Everyone gets lines + wrinkles with age. Loss of firmness + enlarged pores can also start to appear. All this can make it more difficult to get a close shave than it used to be.

Solution: Our REDEFINE Regimen visibly improve fine lines, wrinkles + loss of firmness for younger-looking skin and an easier shave.

Shaving Tip: Use the Daily Cleansing Mask as directed to exfoliate + remove dead skin before shaving.

Concern: Excess Oil + Breakouts
Teens often deal with increased oil, breakouts + clogged pores. And it can be a hit to their confidence.

Solution: Our SPOTLESS Regimen helps eliminate acne, deep clean pores + control the appearance of oil in just 2 steps, 2 minutes, 2 x a day. Start seeing results day 1.

SHAVING TIP: Wash your face with the Daily Acne Wash to exfoliate + clean away oil to help soften skin + beard hair. Be careful to avoid blemishes when shaving.

Concern: Blotchiness + Dehydration
When your skin gets stressed, it can look blotchy, dull + dry. This can be caused by changes in diet or exercise, environmental aggressors, or lack of sleep.

Solution: Our RECHARGE Regimen acts like a super vitamin for your skin. It exfoliates, breaks down pollution, hydrates and protects from UV rays so your skin feels balanced and looks healthy.


Shaving Tip: Use the 3-in-1 Super Cleanser to unclog pores + smooth pre-shave.

More Shaving Tips

  • Hydrated hair is 65% easier to cut-so after a shower or proper cleansing is best
  • Shave with the growth of hair holding the blade at a 30-degree angle.
  • Use small strokes without pressing down on the skin.
  • Shave your neck + chin last these areas need more time to soften the beard
  • Take extra care around uneven areas.
  • Frequently rinse the razor in warm water +  store it in a clean, dry place
  • For redness post shaving apply SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment to visibly calm your skin
  • If you have acne, use a light touch around acne and NEVER shave off the top of blemishes