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Non-VOC Dry Shampoo: What Does It Mean?

Bottle of Refresh+ Dry Shampoo on a marble counter

Like many of our customers, you’re probably loving our Refresh+ Dry Shampoo for its lightweight, fast-absorbing abilities and fresh scent… but maybe you’re wondering why we’ve called out ‘Non-VOC propellant’. What does that even mean?! Look no further, this blog is here to help:

Young woman showing her hair after using Rodan + Fields Refresh+ Dry Shampoo which she is holding for the camera

The R+F Refresh+ Dry Shampoo utilizes a non-VOC propellant that is a more ozone-friendly aerosol spray that helps to protect the environment without compromising performance. This nontoxic propellant delivers a fine mist of lightweight & naturally derived powders for optimal oil absorption without depleting the ozone. Unique innovation provides the same amount of product in a smaller can which helps with sustainability by reducing waste.

What does Non-VOC mean?

A VOC is a Volatile Organic Compound.  These VOCs can contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer and create smog.

How is Non-VOC better for the environment?

A non-VOC does not break down the ozone layer or create smog.

Why are Non-VOC propellant products so much smaller?

The molecules in our non-VOC propellent are very dense so they don’t take up as much space in the can.  This made it possible for R+F to use a smaller can while maintaining the same volume of product.