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Ingredients for the Skin

Thankful for the great skincare ingredients that make our innovative products deliver powerful results.

Ingredients for the Skin

This year, there’s a lot to be thankful for: The fact that we’re living in some semblance of normalcy (or at least more normalcy than we were this time last year), great food, time with family, a few much-needed days off of work, and of course, the great skincare ingredients that make Rodan + Fields’ products so innovative and effective.

So, what ingredients are we especially thankful for this year? From the ingredients that brighten our skin to the ones that soothe and firm, here are a few of them.

Vitamin C

10% stabilized Vitamin C and proprietary Retinal MD Technology are key ingredients used in the Reverse Regimen to brighten skin tone, reduce visible discoloration, and revitalize the overall texture of the skin.

Rodan + Fields’ Reverse Regimen uses Vitamin C in step three (the Tone Correcting Treatment). Reverse has an overall brightening effect on the skin, and Vitamin C is a key ingredient in helping to make this happen.

“Because skin conditions are so complex, there really isn’t a singular ingredient that reverses a skin problem,” Dr. Katie Rodan notes. “Instead, it’s a combination of ingredients in formulas that enhance their efficacy that creates a beautiful, visible change. Some of the key ingredients packed into our formulas include tried and true favorites, like Vitamin C and Retinal MD Technology, developed in-house.”

Dr. Kathy Fields adds that not all retinoids or vitamin Cs are created the same, and blending them together can be difficult due to stability. “Together with our scientists, we created our own proprietary technology,” she says. “We blended 10% stabilized Vitamin C with our proprietary Retinal MD Technology, which is more effective than traditional Retinol without the irritation that often comes with it.”

Fruit Acids + Vitamin B3

Fruit acids are used to help exfoliate skin, sloughing away dead skin cells and creating space for healthier skin to emerge. Vitamin B3, helps fortify the skin for firmer, healthier looking skin. Both of these ingredients help even out skin tone and texture.

Rodan + Fields’ Redefine Regimen uses fruit acids and vitamin B3 in step two (the Pore Redefine Toner).

Colloidal Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a soothing ingredient that’s been used for centuries, which is why we use colloidal oatmeal in Rodan + Fields’ products. Rodan + Fields’ Soothe Regimen uses colloidal oatmeal in step three, the Moisturizing Rescue Cream. The Colloidal Oatmeal in the formula temporarily protects and helps relieve dry, itchy, eczema-prone skin for less irritation and thanks to 7 Essential Ceramides, the skin is nourished and relieved while suppling essential building blocks to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier.


Peptides, which are also in Soothe, provide skin with a protective coat to help protect the skin’s barrier and work to reduce visible redness, inflammation, and irritation,” according to Dr. Fields. “To help address skin issues that can arise from mask wearing, try a skin soothing product like Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment that is formulated with Dual-Licorice Technology and RFp2 Peptide Complex to calm and soothe skin. It’s important to avoid heavy moisturizers and makeup and focus on keeping it simple underneath the mask.”

Dr. Rodan adds that Soothe is formulated with the correct ingredients to address the effects of skin sensitivity. “It contains skin protectants and skin soothers, like our proprietary RFp2 Peptide Complex and our patented RF3 Antioxidant Complex,” she says. “The Sensitive Skin Treatment helps to quickly reduce the appearance of redness, dryness and sensation of itching, hallmarks of sensitive skin and eczema.”

Dr Rodan also notes that by strengthening the barrier, Soothe protects skin from drying effects of wind and cold weather. “With its hydrating, healing and moisturizing ingredients, skin’s flexibility, adaptability, and natural repair mechanisms are improved, helping it to withstand the onslaught of aggressors.”

Pomegranate + Chamomile Extracts

Pomegranate and chamomile extracts are soothing natural ingredients that help to calm visible redness caused by acne or other issues that irritate skin. Pomegranate and chamomile extra is used in Rodan + Fields’ Unblemish Regimen in Step 3, the Dual Intensive Acne Treatment.

Mango Seed Butter, Coconut Oil + Avocado Oil

Mango seed butter, coconut oil and avocado oil are high fat oils that help provide intensive moisture replenishment and nourishing fatty acids for softer, more supple-feeling skin.

Mango seed butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil can be found in Rodan + Fields’ Recharge Detox Mask, which helps detoxify skin by drawing out impurities and environmental aggressors while providing intense moisture.

Omega-6 Fatty Acid

Omega-6 fatty acids act as a building block that helps build firmness and creates a supple, plumper-looking complexion.

Rodan + Fields’ patent pending RF TriEnergy Complex combines scientific and natural, ayurvedic ingredients including Sandalwood, Indian Kino Extract and Omega 6 Fatty Acids in a unique ratio, to energize millions of surface skin cells by 200% and address all the key signs of aging like dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, and more.

Omega-6 Fatty Acids are included in Rodan + Fields’ Total RF Serum, which is a comprehensive anti-aging serum that can be added to any R+F regimen or used on its own to energize skin cells and address key signs of aging.

“As practicing dermatologists and product developers, we know that what you do to your skin every day can have a greater impact on the quality of your complexion than a single dermatologic procedure, like, laser,” says Dr. Rodan. “We’re all aging all the time due to sun exposure, pollution, stress, etc. The cumulative effects of these aggressors appear as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, loss of elasticity, dullness, enlarged pores, and dryness.”

Dr. Fields adds, “After 5 years of rigorous work, our team of scientists developed Total RF Serum – a comprehensive serum powered by patent-pending technology unique to Rodan + Fields, RF TriEnergy Complex. It combines three high-purity plant extracts know to Ayurveda – Sandalwood, Indian Kino Tree Extract, and plant-based Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acid esters. This proprietary blend works to restore the skin barrier function by increasing ceramide levels and key structural proteins (filaggrin) in the skin.”

Calcium and Ceramides

Calcium helps with building visible firmness, which makes skin feel tighter and more resilient, while ceramides help to fortify the skin’s barrier. Calcium and ceramides are also included in Rodan + Fields’ Total RF Serum, since they help tighten and firm up skin, reducing signs of aging.

Botanical Grape Extract and Vitamins C + F

Botanical grape extract minimizes the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles while firming the skin. Vitamins C and F help strengthen the skin’s barrier and provide visible firmness around the eye area, which is one of the first places that shows signs of aging.

Botanical grape extract and vitamins C and F are used in Rodan + Fields’ Redefine Multi-function Eye Cream — which is focused on minimizing signs of aging.

This Thanksgiving, we could not be more grateful for these key R+F ingredients and all the hard work and research that goes into using them to craft the perfect skincare products.

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