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How & When To Switch Your R+F Skincare Regimen

Your Journey with Regimens and when to switch it up!

Four Rodan + Fields skincare regimens in a group photo: Reverse, Unblemish, Redefine, Soothe

Skincare is a lifelong journey. As your skin changes throughout the different periods of your life, it benefits from certain ingredients and products. At Rodan + Fields, our skincare is derm-inspired and clinically tested to ensure life-changing results at any age. With 6 core regimens in our portfolio, here is a guide to know what regimen is right for you, when to switch to another one, and how to properly make the change.


The REDEFINE Regimen was created to help with the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores and the loss of firmness in aging skin. This regimen is our best seller because of its versatility and coveted ingredients. Made with peptide technology, botanical extracts and retinoid science, it’s our customizable anti-aging routine that leads to visibly firmer skin while combating other key signs of aging.

Switch from the REDEFINE Regimen if you are looking for more specific treatments, such as brightening (REVERSE Regimen), acne reducing (UNBLEMISH Regimen), or calming (SOOTHE Regimen). You can always switch back to the REDEFINE Regimen once you achieve the desired results from another one. Remember to always use sunscreen no matter what, as not all of our Regimens include a sunscreen. You can switch to a different Regimen without tapering off REDEFINE, just make sure to watch for any skin sensitivity or pore purging that come with the change. You may need to use your new Regimen every other day until your skin gets acclimated.


The REVERSE Regimen assists in the appearance of discoloration and uneven skin tone. If you’re looking for the ultimate brightening skincare routine, REVERSE is a hero. Skin boosting ingredients such as salicylic acid, vitamin C and retinol, the REVERSE Regimen helps to refine the skin’s surface and visibly minimize the appearance of dark spots and fine lines.

If your skin is looking beautiful and bright, and you have used the Reverse Regimen for at least 3 months, you might consider making the switch to a complete anti-aging routine (REDEFINE Regimen) or balancing routine (RECHARGE Regimen). Your skin may be more sensitive than you think from using the salicylic acid and retinols in REVERSE Regimen, so the right way to switch it up is to slowly ramp up with the next Regimen of your choosing.

SOOTHE Regimen

The SOOTHE Regimen is formulated to help address visible redness, dryness and sensitivity. Your skin may naturally be sensitive, recently damaged by environmental factors, or from active ingredients in your current routine. Our SOOTHE Regimen is a gentle daily skincare routine that protects your skin, reduces visible redness, and fortifies the skin’s moisture barrier.

If you had been experiencing temporary sensitivity or seem to not be suffering from skin sensitivity any longer, it may be a good time to switch Regimens. Consider if your skin is truly not too sensitive for active or brightening ingredients or a full lineup of different skincare products for every day and night. Just because your skin feels good today does not mean your skin is no longer sensitive. We recommend ramping up a new Regimen by continuing to use SOOTHE every other day, and the new Regimen the other days, slowly and gradually moving towards the new regimen all 7 days of the week.


The UNBLEMISH Regimen is formulated to address adult acne in addition to the visible signs of aging. Adult acne is a real thing, and many people continue to suffer from acne well after their teen years. That put them in the position of dealing with wrinkles and acne at the same time. Our UNBLEMISH Regimen is an effective routine for these individuals, helping to clear and prevent breakouts while visibly minimizing pores and fine lines.

If your skin has cleared up on the UNBLEMISH Regimen, don’t act too fast! Your skin may have just completed purging the pores and still needs the treatment to assure breakouts don’t return. UNBLEMISH contains salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid and benzoyl peroxide which all bring big benefits to those dealing with recurring breakouts. If you want to make the switch to a sole anti-aging routine, consider using REDEFINE Regimen, or consider using REVERSE Regimen to brighten skin and fade dark spots, especially after dealing with acne and blemishes. Ramp up your new Regimen of choice by using it once a day, then go for twice a day once you know your skin is on board with it.


The RECHARGE Regimen is for balancing, boosting and defending skin. Who doesn’t need an extra boost toward healthy skin? Especially in your 20’s, you may find skin looking dull from environmental stressors such as lack of sleep, diet, dehydration and over exposure to the sun or other elements. RECHARGE Regimen is our go-to routine for young adults that benefit from non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic products, helping to reveal healthy-looking skin as defenses are boosted against environmental aggressors.

Once you are aging out of RECHARGE Regimen or feel you’ve achieved the desired results, it’s time to move on to brightening or preventative aging skincare. If you are experiencing breakouts at least once a month, the UNBLEMISH Regimen is a life-saver because it not only treats acne but also assists in anti-aging. Or, take your once-dull skin to the next level with REVERSE Regimen, brightening your complexion with targeted treatments and ingredients. Ramp up any new Regimen slowly, using it once per day or every other day for about 1 week.


The SPOTLESS Regimen was created to help with both teen and young adult acne. Hormones affect skin in this age group differently than adult skin, which is why this 2-step routine was developed to be fast, easy and effective. The whole idea behind SPOTLESS Regimen is that you won’t have to use it forever, just while you are getting through your time dealing with acne. acne-clearing treatment that works its way into pores to reduce current and new breakouts.

It will be a celebration when it’s time to switch Regimens from SPOTLESS! That means your skin has cleared up and you’re onto the next phase of your skincare journey. Your skin may need a bit of a boost to get it looking healthy. RECHARGE Regimen can boost dull skin and continue to protect it from environmental and stressors. UNBLEMISH Regimen is our adult acne Regimen that may be the routine you need to keep breakouts at bay and wrinkles away as you age. You’ll need to ramp down SPOTLESS Regimen once a day, then every other day to make sure your acne isn’t coming back in the absence of your treatments. Once you’re in the clear (or have determined you want to move on to the harder-hitting UNBLEMISH Regimen for acne), you can switch to your new Regimen full time.

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