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Why a Skincare Regimen is Worth Your Time and Money

Consistency Matters for Great Skin + Hair

Woman in a bathroom looking in the mirror while applying R+F skincare products.

Show me a person new to a multi-step routine — any routine — and I will show you a skeptic.

It makes sense. Disappointed in the past, they want to know if all those steps really matter or if it’s just marketing. What they’re really asking is: “Is it worth my time and money?” and “Will it work for me?” So, how can you know for sure if purchasing a full Rodan + Fields skincare regimen is worth it? Let’s dive in and see!

When using a skincare regimen, you should always do your due diligence to get familiar with all the steps and the potential results from following the regimen:

  1. Look over the clinical studies to see what results are possible
  2. Review the before and after pictures to see real examples
  3. Take your own before and after pictures to track your progress
  4. Follow the directions and be consistent

Rodan + Fields Skincare Advantage

Dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, set high standards by challenging their chemists to create cutting-edge, life-changing skincare solutions for common skin issues to give visible results. They evaluate every ingredient and formula down to the molecular level to make sure it delivers the transformative visible results we’re known for.

The Regimen Advantage

R+F regimens use Multi-Med Therapy: the right ingredients, in the right formulas, applied in the right order. Let us deep dive into the product types that make up a skincare regimen — an orchestra of strong and gentle instruments performing together in perfect combination for a majestic masterpiece: healthier-looking skin.

-Cleansers: Does using a cleanser matter? You just rinse it off anyway. As the first step in the routine, cleansers are a very important step to prep the skin for what’s to come. R+F cleaners offer a range of benefits that include gentle exfoliation and purifying skin as they remove dirt, oil and makeup; to chemical exfoliation of the skin’s surface for a more even appearance in tone and texture, and lines and deep wrinkles. Your cleanser offers its own benefits, while also affecting how your skin responds to the remaining products in the regimen.

-Toners: Often seen as a throw away product, a toner clears the skin for optimal application and efficacy of the products that follow. Our toners are not drying or astringent in any way. So, this format allows us to layer ingredients effectively on the skin’s surface. The different toners in each regimen offer different benefits depending on the regimen you choose, like minimizing and unclogging pores, or gently exfoliating and promoting natural cell turnover.

-Creams/Moisturizers (AM + PM): Is using a cream both morning and night necessary? The cleanser and toner have prepared the skin for these next steps to allow for maximum absorption and additional benefits from creams and moisturizers, like moisturizing and protecting from UVA and UVB rays during the day (make sure to re-apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every 2-2.5 hours when exposed to the sun), and replenishing or exfoliating the skin overnight.

Can’t I just make my own regimen?

Let’s explore this possibility. There is an immense amount of time and money dedicated to research, selecting the targeted ingredients to make a visible improvement on the skin, quality control, trial and error in stabilizing and developing effective formulations, and determining product compatibility and effectiveness. And sometimes you might try a combination of products where some ingredients may not play well together; or you could get too much of a good thing like exfoliation and this misjudgment may affect your skin negatively. Can’t I just buy the “hero” product from the regimen? You can but realize that we cannot guarantee the same results than if you were to use the full regimen. Following a regimen is like baking a cake, it’s best to stick with a highly tested and studied regimen with all the right ingredients and to follow all the directions for the best results.

Can one regimen do it all?

R+F skin and hair regimens are designed to address common skin and hair concerns, but everyone’s skin is different. So sensitive skin may have occasional acne or discolored skin may have lax sagging skin. This is why our Consultants invite customers to use the Solution Tool to receive personalized recommendations to address a combination of concerns.

Putting together your own regimen can be overwhelming and isn’t clinically evaluated for specific results. Rodan + Fields has done the research and work for you so you can focus your time, energy and commitment to getting started right away on your skin improvement journey with proven results!

Written by Mary Radford, RNBA
Mary Radford, RNBA, has an extensive background in Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Spas. She worked side by side with Dr. Katie Rodan as a Registered Nurse in her dermatology office before being recruited to Rodan + Fields in 2004, where she currently focuses on Field Education + Tools.