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Hair Talk: Rodan + Fields’ New Moisture+ Haircare Regimen

Hair Talk with Rodan + Fields

Amplifying Your Tresses with Rodan + Fields, Episode 5

With Host Jennifer Stading, and guest Suzette Boozer.

Jennifer: Hello everyone and welcome to the  Rodan + Fields hair podcast!! My name is Jennifer Stading and I work in Product Education.

I am very excited today as we have a special guest joining us. Please help me welcome our new guest celebrity hairstylist partner, Suzette Boozer!

Suzette: Hi Jennifer, so happy to be on the R+F podcast today.

Jennifer: Thank you for being here. For all you listeners out there that have been following R+F on social, you know we just launched a very exciting new haircare regimen, Moisture+. This 3-step regimen addresses hair concerns such as dry, damaged or brittle hair in need of moisture, repair and deep conditioning (across all hair textures).  It quenches and repairs dry or damaged hair, especially great for those that have overprocess their hair (you know who you are)… plus it deeply moisturizes and softens curly, coily, thick hair.

I know you have helped us bring the Moisture+ Regimen to life, and I’m excited to hear more about your partnership with us, but first let’s learn a little bit about you! Suzette, tell us a little bit about yourself. What made you fall in love with hair and how did you get started?

Suzette: Hi Jennifer, I would love to share my beginnings with you of course. I’m a Hairstylist for over 25 years. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Now I currently reside in California. I started doing hair at the age of 14. Well…my Mom’s hairstylist hair care was great, but the styling just wasn’t trendy enough for my teenage years. So my friends were impressed with my self styled looks and became clients in school. And they’re moms for church or work on the weekends. Then my friends and family grew into an unexpectedly large clientele, and that blossomed into quite a career in high school.

I love what I do! I made people happy and confident and learned more in science. My discussions were more knowledgeable about hair care and products. We’re also a therapist too (laughs) that’s confidential. Next I was referred to celebrities and they referred me too! Really fortunate opportunities  working with Eve, Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Tati Gabrielle, McQueen just to name a few…. I Also became a beauty editor, I did editorials, videos, commercials, fashion runway shows, fashion campaigns, tv shows, movies and various jobs world wide… Fun fact! Bridget and I worked together a few times in NYC for Fashion week over 10+ years ago. Such a small world!

I was so excited to collaborate again with Bridget and R+F she’s such an amazing hairstylist!

Jennifer: Such a cool story! Okay, you probably know what I’m going to ask. I really want to know what attracted you to partnering with Rodan + Fields for the launch of the Moisture+ Haircare Regimen?

Suzette: When Rodan and Fields reached out to me as a guest partner, I was super excited because my dream is to work with a credible brand and use their products too. Knowing the fact that two dermatologist created a product with efficacious formulas and continues to evolve in the beauty industry. This exceptional company had my interests and I instantly thought about my clients to inform them about these healthy hair care routines. Clients are always looking for a product to address their hair needs. It was the day I went and tried the product and tested it on my self and gave a complete tutorial.

UNEXPECTEDLY The hardest part was keeping this secret until now!

Jennifer: Jennifer to fill in based on Suzette’s story. We all know how much I love the Smooth+ Regimen, but I have to say Moisture+ is absolutely fantastic as well. I especially love the Detangle+ Leave-in treatment. I use it daily to brush my hair as I have thin, flat hair that tangles easily.

Suzette, I’m sure our audience would love some hot tips with this regimen! What can you share with us?

Suzette: Oh my gosh, I have nothing but great facts with hacks to share about moisture plus:

The benefits: For all hair types, It’s Ultra-Replenishing, Adds Color protection , Oil-infused for moisture, Maintains a healthy scalp, Makes hair silky & smooth, Easily Untangles hair knots, and the shampoo is Sulfate free.

Ok, lets dive right in, starting at the wet bowl….(shampooing)

Hack: before applying shampoo,

the first step, you should thoroughly rinse your hair with water to break down all build up, this will allow you to get all beneficial properties from R+F shampoos.

NEXT: apply shampoo in the palm of you hands rub together and apply in the middle of your head and massage with your finger tips towards your entire hairline. (do not scratch with your nails) this technique will distribute your product evenly.

Continue massaging your scalp for 3-5 minutes for a proper cleanse.  The first wash the lather disappears indicating the sulfate free cleanse is complete.

The second wash you will see more lather which indicates your hair is completely cleansed. You can lessen your pumps you’ve applied from you first wash (ie first wash was 3 pumps the second wash can be 1 or 2 pumps). Excessive shampooing can strip your natural moisture.  This will create common hair & scalp conditions, for example:

  Itchy scalp < (dry skin your scalp)

  Dry/ dull < ( creates breakage)

  Chemically process< (lacks moisture)

   I can go on & on

  • Most curly girls should not shampoo daily its damaging (I’m a curly 4c) maybe once a week.
  • If your hair is dry and you’re NOT curly shampooing daily is also damaging
  • If your hair is chemically processed shampooing daily is damaging
  • If you’re having any sort of hair and/or scalp issues and your not currently happy with your hair, shampooing daily is damaging
  • Oily scalp ( needs moisture balancing)

Moisture plus will deposit moisture to prevent your scalp and hair from all mentioned above and more

Condition correctly!

First the benefits:

All R+F conditioners signatures their proprietary Tri-Energy Complex

  • replenishes your hair and scalp with essential nutrients,
  • Strengthening the scalp’s natural skin barrier, promoting healthy hair
  • Also protecting your hair from damages

Allow to penetrate for 2 minutes min

This mask can be mixed with other R+F shampoo regimes as a treatment when necessary like Smooth+ or Volume+. There’s also different treatment methods. Normally after shampooing apply your mask from mid shaft to the ends. Notice the hair will untangle without combing or brushing. Section multiple parts using your fingers, then work the mask from mid shaft to roots, to hydrate your scalp. With your discretion you can leave this on for 3 or more mins.

Have you ever tried pre-conditioning treatment?

This is great for curly hair! Textures 3 & 4. With or without a heating cap. Masking for 15 or more mins.

With this step you will apply the mask before shampooing excessively dry hair. This will help your detangling process.

This is also great for extremely dry/ chemically processed hair (ie. color, straighteners, perms…). Another bonus is when un-doing a  protective styles (ie. extensions, braids, ponytails, sculpting gel styles). This technique can moisturize and break down the buildup when your hair is extremely dry from days without washing.

  • avoid detangling your hair without conditioning!
  • you can create more damages!

Hack: use your fingers as your brush or comb to detangle. Starting from the ends and work your way up to the root.

Separating your hair apart without tugging or aggressively pulling. This will help prevent breakage.

Wide tooth combs or SPECIALTY detangling tools are helpful. AVOID brushes for styling.  

Remember to start from the ends and work your way up to your scalp. Section detangled area to avoid stressing your hair while wet. This also removes the product from the hair strands you want to treat.


Your daily regimen. Moisture+ has a Detangle+ Leave In Conditioner. Used daily to quench dry hair,

  • Locks in moisture
  • Allows manageability w/o tangles for styling
  • Protects color fading and adds shine
  • Depletes frizz
  • Protects against heat damages for thermal styling
  • Shields from environmental stressors.

GOSH! All this stuff in one bottle. That’s a great way to begin you hair prep!

If you like to layer….

Curly hair can be extremely dry depending on your curl pattern. Our natural oils aren’t able to travel fast enough to our ends so I add our Defrizz+ oil treatment that locks in the hydration, has heat protection up to 450°F, keep my ends silky and smooth. eliminate flyaways and frizz, and adds a healthy shine.

All without being oily that’s what makes this so special.

Finalizing my definition in curls.

I use the Define+ Curl Cream as my styler. Since my hair is healthily prepped a little goes a long way.

I can finger coil the ends of my curls. I can use this in my hairline to groom my edges or create baby hairs.

Also slick my hair in an updo. Braid, twist or sculpt my look.

I just gave you the 3 step LOC METHOD: